BREAKING: Michigan's GOP Primary Has Been Called Just Minutes After Final Polls Closed


Former President Donald Trump has once again been declared the winner of another Republican primary within minutes of polls closing, this time cruising to victory in Michigan.

The win represents the second record win for the former president in less than a week, as Trump previously cruised to victory over Nikki Haley in her home state this past Saturday. Like Michigan, Trump was announced as the winner in Michigan just minutes after final polls closed at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

Trump had been campaigning in the Wolverine State for months while other candidates spent significant time in Iowa and New Hampshire. The former president held multiple rallies with both unionized and non-unionized auto workers when the nations major auto workers unions went on strike last year.

Trump, who carried the state in the 2016 general election before narrowly losing in 2020, frequently took aim at Biden’s embrace of electric vehicle mandates while campaigning in Michigan. ““Biden’s mandate isn’t a government regulation, it’s a government assassination of your jobs and of your industry,” Trump told workers back in September. “The auto industry is being assassinated. And it makes no difference what you get – I don’t care what you get in the next two weeks, or three weeks, or five weeks. They’re gonna be closing up and they will be building those cars in China and other places. It’s a hit-job on Michigan, and Detroit, and it’s not sustainable.”

Electric vehicles have failed to generate profits for the big three automakers, with Ford reporting that it expects to lose roughly $3 billion in operating profit on its electric vehicle lines in 2023.

With the Michigan primary in the bag, Trump and Haley will be competing for votes in the Idaho and Missouri caucuses on March 2. Michigan will also allocate a number of delegates through the caucus system for the first time in 2023, a change that is expected to benefit Trump due to his popularity among party leaders in the state.

The candidates will also be preparing for the marathon slate of Super Tuesday states on March 5.

The former president will be hoping to keep his undefeated primary record intact after previously carrying Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, the Virgin Islands, South Carolina and now Michigan.

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