BREAKING: Massive Toronto UFC crowd erupts in ‘F*ck Trudeau’ chant


Chants of “f*ck Trudeau” broke out in Toronto on Saturday at UFC 297. The crowd delivered the message ahead of Sean Strickland fightin Dricus Du Plessis in a middleweight championship bout.


Strickland has been an outspoken critic of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He recently called out a Canadian Press reporter over Trudeau’s communist agenda.

Joe Rogan reacted to the crowd’s chant in real time during a watch party on his YouTube channel.

“Canada,” Rogan said, “get your sh*t together. Come back. Come back to what you used to be.”

During a press conference on Wednesday, Strickland launched into a criticism of a Canadian reporter who asked him about past comments he made that were outside the progressive narrative. 

He told Canadian Press reporter Neil Davidson that he was “part of the f*cking problem” for having likely voted for Trudeau. 

“You’re part of the f*ckng problem,” the Strickland said. “You elected Justin Trudeau … The fact that you have no f*cking backbone and as he shut down your f*cking country and seized bank accounts, you ask me some stupid sh*t like that? Go f*ck yourself.”

Trudeau’s primary political oppenent Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre has successfully shared the message that Trudeau is not the leader that Canada needs. He’s said that “Canada is broken,” and many of his constituents agree with him. 

Heating, food, and housing costs have skyrocketed across the nation and Poilievre currently has a 10 point lead in polling. 

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