BREAKING: Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec ends 2023 in top 10 political podcasts in America


The Human Events Daily podcast with Jack Posobiec closed out 2023 in the top 10 political podcasts in the country. This comes after a stellar year that saw a Webby Award win as well. Recent episodes have included interviews with Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, and other notables.

Posobiec also launched the Chronicles of the Revolution series covering leftist revolutions around the world, including a groundbreaking episode on the American Civil Rights movement and the ensuing mayhem that is still with the US today in the form of grievance studies departments in universities and diversity, equity and inclusion programs across every conceivable facet of society.

According to data from Chartable, Human Events Daily finished the year in the eighth position, with the NPR Politics Podcast taking the number one slot. Steve Bannon’s War Room took fifth, while Verdict with Ted Cruz was number three.

The four-part deep dive into the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, and the the American 1960s followed The China Files, an interrogation of China’s rise, the Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong, and the leadership of the current Chinese Communist Party.

“All of this has happened before and all of this can happen again,” Posobiec said of the French Revolution. 

December also featured interviews with notable guests like Michael Cassidy, the now legendary former Navy pilot who destroyed the Satanic statue in the Iowa state capitol, comedian Roseanne Barr and 2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

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