#BoycottRipCurl trends on X after brand promotes ad featuring trans-identified male surfer


Australian surfwear brand Rip Curl has found itself in troubled waters and is the latest company facing a boycott after making a video promoting a trans-identified biological male surfer.

Female athletes are furious about the decision which resulted in #BoycottRipCurl trending on X for two consecutive days, according to Reduxx.

Backlash ensued after Rip Curl made the decision to promote the transgender woman, Sasha Jane Lowerson, 44, after dropping legendary female surfer Bethany Hamilton from the iconic brand as an ambassador for sharing a simple stance that men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

Lowerson, who competes against women and dominates female competition, was featured in a video advertisement for its latest campaign 

“Meet The Local Heroes of Western Australia.” Lowerson wore the brand’s women’s surfwear in the advertisement.

People were quick to express how they felt about the video on X and a boycott campaign ensued thereafter, mostly expressing support for Bethany Hamilton.

“This is disgusting. Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration, beautiful, a total bad*ss role model for girls. This new “women’s ambassador” is a mentally ill man playing pretend. The misogyny in this movement is astounding. Boycott Rip Curl,” one user wrote.

“BOYCOTT RIP CURL. They fired pro surfer and women’s sports icon @bethanyhamilton and replaced her with a mediocre male. That’s the way to support women. NOT. #BoycottRipCurl,” another added.

“#BoycottRipCurl  This MAN also won the recent competition cheating a WOMAN out of this RIP CURL sponsored event. They think MEN CHEATING IN WOMENS SPORTING COMPETITIONS IS OK …IT IS NOT …BOYCOTT RIP CURL,” said another.

“It makes no sense that Bud Light, Sports Illustrated, & now Rip Curl are destroying their brands to promote trans-ness. Do they not understand their market? Do businesspeople suddenly hate making money? Capitalism does not work like that. Wtf is going on?” added another.

The campaign drew criticism from outspoken women’s rights activists such as Riley Gaines and Taylor Silverman, female athletes who speak out against men competing in women’s sports.

Swimmer Riley Gaines remarked “You mean to tell me @ripcurl dropped Bethany Hamilton for opposing men surfing in the women’s league then picked up male surfer who surfs in the women’s league as a women’s ambassador? Crazzzzyyy.”

Skateboarder Taylor Silverman had no time for Rip Curl or Lowerson either, saying “According to @ripcurl this man is a “waterwoman”…reality is he’s just a mentally ill man making a complete mockery of actual women.”

Rip Curl has not yet issued a comment on its decision but has turned off the comment section on its Instagram account, writing in the caption: “With a commitment to maintaining a positive space for all, we have disabled our comments. Thank you for your understanding.” The video featuring Lowerson appears to have been deleted from RipCurl Women’s Instagram page.

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