‘Boardwalk Empire’ Actor Attacked by Homeless Man with Rock in New York


Actor Michael Stuhlbarg was randomly attacked by a homeless man wielding a rock in New York City late Sunday night, police say.

The incident took place while Stuhlbarg, 55, was jogging through the Upper East Side at around 7:45 p.m. when a homeless male struck the back of his neck with a rock, according to Page Six.

The attacker was identified as Xavier Israel.

Reports said Stuhlbarg followed the attacker to the front of the Russian Consulate, where New York Police Department officers apprehended him,

Israel, who had three prior arrests, two for assault and one for robbery, was charged for the alleged assault.

A witness said Israel picked up the rock and threw it into a crowd.

The New York Post reported that Stuhlbarg declined to receive medical assistance for the reported pain and bruising on the back of his neck, police and sources said.

Stuhlbarg is best known for roles in hits like “Dopesick,” “The Shape of Water” and “Arrival,” and is considered quite the serious actor.

The news comes after other actors, celebrities, and other U.S. residents have been attacked and/or murdered by homeless people across America’s crime-ridden Democrat-run cities.

Other examples include:

“NCIS” actor Pauley Perrette attacked in Hollywood in 2015

Marvel star Frank Grillo’s boxing trainer shot and killed in Los Angeles in 2022.

British singer Tom Grennan attacked and robbed in New York in 2022

It’s no wonder people are leaving Democrats-run cities in droves due to exploding crime.

As we reported in 2022, Democrat-run cities like San Francisco, Cleveland, and Portland now have the most deserted downtowns in the United States, as soaring crime rates are forcing residents to flee the cities in droves.

San Francisco’s downtown area was only 31 percent active in the spring of 2022, while Cleveland was just 36 percent and Portland at 41 percent, according to a recent study by the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California Berkeley.

But other cities like Utah, and Salt Lake City Columbus, Ohio, are enjoying a rapid comeback as downtown activity has increased by over 110 percent since 2019.

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