Blinken Debases Israel Before Their Memorial Day – Works for Hamas


May 13 was Israel’s Memorial Day. It is often described as the most painful day of the year in Israel. Memorial Day is always a somber occasion in Israel, a country that has suffered through repeated war and conflict throughout its 76-year history.

Israel marks its Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of attacks that began at sundown Sunday with an official ceremony and smaller events the following day at military cemeteries across the country. The solemnity is then abruptly interrupted by the fanfare of Independence Day, which began Monday evening.

It was particularly painful this year because of Oct. 7.

The day before Israel Memorial Day, Antony Blinken insulted Israel for not acting “in a manner that’s consistent with international humanitarian law.”

It seems our country switched allegiances from Israel to Hamas, a terrorist group. No one wants to see civilians die, but why isn’t Hamas blamed for using them as human shields? Why don’t the terrorist cowards leave the hospitals, apartments, and schools and fight the war like real men?

The Comment

“A Jewish ״friend״ named Anthony Blinken @SecBlinken, in an extraordinary expression of support for Israel, on Memorial Day, when it commemorates 1,500 soldiers and civilians who have been murdered, massacred, and kidnapped since October 7:

“Given the totality of what we’ve seen in terms of civilian suffering, in terms of children, women, men caught in this crossfire of Hamas’s making who’ve been killed or been injured, it’s reasonable to assess that in a number of instances, Israel has not acted in a manner that’s consistent with international humanitarian law.”

Las Vegas News Magazine

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