Bill Maher Busts Biden Over His Border Fairy Tale With a Little Reality


Joe Biden was finally forced to admit last month that the border was in crisis.

Naturally, in doing so, he didn’t take responsibility for breaking the border and what former President Donald Trump had put in place. He claimed he had thought it was in a crisis for ten years. That was a fantastical statement, given that up to January, he and his team kept arguing that the “border was secure.”  

Biden also ridiculously claimed that he had done all he could do. He said he didn’t have the power to do any more, and he ranted against the Republicans, “I’ve done all I can do; just give me the power,” Biden said. “Give me the Border Patrol. Give me the judges. Give me the people who can stop this and make it work right.” 


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Biden even got a ridiculous assist from his buddy Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC). When asked about Biden’s statement, Clyburn said, “I have no idea; I’ll ask my lawyers. I don’t keep up with that kind of foolishness.” Alrighty now, that’s as completely clueless and dismissive as you can get. And yes, it is foolishness, but on the part of Joe Biden and the Democrats. 

These are the folks we have now in government, supposedly in charge of passing and/or enforcing laws. It’s just a clown show. That’s how we got the most illegal alien encounters ever in December, 302,000 in a month. 

But no one with a brain is buying it. Even Bill Maher called out Biden’s falsehood on his show on Friday. He scoffed at the Biden’s claim that he needed a “new law.” 

“A new law? The president can fix this, he already has the existing laws…This is all so silly… I need a piece of paper from Congress to deal with the border…No, you already have that.”

Not only was Maher right on the money, but you could hear the reaction of the audience agreeing with him. Elon Musk also weighed in with agreement. 

Not only did Biden break the border, but he also fought Texas when they tried to step in and fix what he broke. Now Texas’ defense is showing how wrong Biden is because it’s working, and statistics are showing that the numbers have dropped significantly, that now illegal aliens are shifting to Arizona and California, where there isn’t the tough defense that Texas is offering up. 

No one is buying what Biden is trying to sell here. It’s all just about Biden suddenly trying to deal with the election and how bad his numbers are when it comes to what people think of him on the issue. He’s doing an Orwellian flip, saying he always knew and cared — it’s just those evil Republicans. So not only did he break the border, but now he’s trying to deceive us all about it, too. It just shows how shameless and without scruples he is, and that’s going to hurt him in the election. 


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