Biden's Scary Confusion Is Concerning, as He . on Iran and Houthis, Whispers to Girl, Get Heckled


It seemed like someone decided on Friday that it would be a better idea to send Joe Biden around to local stores in the Allentown, Pennsylvania, area, rather than having him go off on a confused speech. 

I don’t think that was a smart idea. The more situations that put him in contact with people, the more likelihood you have of him having a problem because of his confusion. But, truly, either way they’re going to have a problem because it’s Joe. 

It started off badly. 

As Joe left the first store, he found out exactly what Pennsylvania voters think of him when someone shouted out, “You’re a loser.” 

Then there was this video, which frankly scares me for a couple of reasons. This guy in a bike store is telling Biden where to go, and you can see him touch Biden and hold him back from going forward, it’s not clear why. But check Biden’s eyes, it’s concerning how bad he looks. 

Biden seems to be looking at the ground at one point, maybe looking for the mark they sometimes have him stand on. But if you look at his face, he looks frightened or completely confused as to what’s going on. That is not good. 

It’s not clear exactly what he says here, it sounds like, “I work for the government in the Senate,” as RNC Research says, Democrats crashed the comments and claimed he was saying that he works for the governor and the senator who were with him. 

But, that would be wrong too. 

Then reporters tried to ask him about Iran and the airstrikes the U.S. took against the Houthis.  “I’ve already delivered the message to Iran. They know not to do anything,” Biden claimed. 

The reporter asked what if they continue anyway, even after the Thursday night strikes. Biden says we will make sure that we respond. But you’lll notice he’s bending over at the end of the video. His focus isn’t on Iran or the Houthis, but talking to the blonde girl. 

The reporters ask it he has confidence in Secretary Austin, he says “I do.” Then he whispers to the girl.  

He seems to say, “I’m sorry, how you doing” and then something else I can’t make out, as reporters continue to ask him questions. She even seems to move a little bit away from him. 

“Was it a lapse in judgment for him not to tell you earlier?” he’s asked about Austin.

“Yes,” he replied. 

Then he claimed that we are not in a defacto proxy war with Iran, “Iran does not want a war with us.” 

But even after helping proxies against us, Biden still released money to them so, truly, how is he putting them off of war? 

He was asked,”Are you willing to call the Houthis a terrorist group?”

Then, he said, “I think they are.” Well, then why did you delist them as a terrorist group and embolden their actions? Now, he’s saying he gets it, after he already messed up. 

But even thought he seems to be having difficulty hearing and understanding what’s going on, when he offered to pay for coffee for the few people there, he grouses that he might have to pay $6 for it.

He finished up, completely confused, as two workers tried to explain things to him. 


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