Biden Spooked by Reporter's Question: 'Where Are You from, Man?' – WATCH


Joe Biden was stopped in his tracks as he left the White House on Friday by a reporter who asked him a question.

“Did you threaten to stop military aid to Israel?” the reporter asked, referring to recent exchanges between the U.S. and Israel where Biden pushed Benjamin Netanyahu to take additional measures to protect civilians.

Reporter: “Did you threaten to stop military aid to Israel?”

Joe Biden: “I asked them to do what they’re doing.”

Reporter: “Are you abandoning Israel!?”

Joe Biden: “Where you from, man?”

“I asked them to do what they’re doing,” Biden responded before turning and walking away.


However, the reporter continued to press Biden for an answer, asking if was “abandoning Israel?”

“Where are you from man?” Biden questioned back, denying the validity of the reporter’s inquiries.

The journalist, undeterred, asked Biden again if he was abandoning Israel.

“Is that a serious question?” he asked while not answering the question.

As per PBS, this is the president’s first push for a cease-fire within the region.

As The Western Journal noted, “U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken also stated that the priority for America within Gaza is no longer fighting Hamas but instead protecting civilians and providing aid to those in need.

The United States is expecting Israel to make way for support to be given to Gaza residents and ignore the reality of giving Hamas time to recoup.

So why Biden would snap at a reporter asking a very relevant question is odd. Is he upset that his demands of Israel aren’t working out the way he wanted? Is he concerned that public perception surrounding his administration’s handling of the conflict in Gaza is shifting against him?

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