Biden Secretly Meets With Key Witness In Hunter’s Gun Trial Just Days Before Scheduled Testimony


President Biden made a surprise visit to his daughter-in-law’s home Sunday night. The unexpected visit to Hallie Biden’s home comes just days before she is expected to testify in the gun case against the president’s son, Hunter.

The first son is charged with lying on a federal firearms form when he bought a handgun in 2018. According to a report from Fox News summarizing the October 23, 2018 police report, Hallie Biden, who was in a relationship with Hunter at the time, throw a gun belonging to the first son behind a dumpster not far from a school.

Prior to entering a relationship with Hunter, Hallie Biden was previously married to the president’s other son, Beau, who passed away in 2015. She is likely to be required to testify in the upcoming trial.

Jury selection in the case is scheduled to begin on June 3. Prosecutors are expected to use excerpts from portions of his book, as well as his infamous laptop, to convince a jury that Hunter Biden is guilty of making false statements on a federal form in 2018. Prosecutors allege that Hunter was actively using narcotics when he went to purchase the revolver.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Judge Maryellen Noreika said Special Counsel David Weiss must demonstrate that Hunter was addicted to drugs at the time, though he does not have to prove that he was using them on the day of the gun purchase.

The president’s son was initially slated to receive a generous plea deal that would wipe out the federal gun charges in favor of a diversion program, though the deal was rejected by Judge Noreika at the last minute.

The first son is also facing a number of misdemeanor and felony tax-related charges in California federal court, to which he has also pleaded not guilty.

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