The Biden Regime recently enacted massive changes to the federal law intended to prohibit sexual discrimination in educational institutions. If allowed to stand, Title IX changes will codify transgender lunacy into law. The Biden Regime is arguing that the term “sex” also includes “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” TNA’s editorial members discuss how multiple states are pushing back; the unconstitutional relationship between education and government; and core of this fiasco, the desire by statists to redefine what God has already set in stone.

Also in this episode:

@ 21:41 | A new study of 6 million people out of Canada shows catastrophic damage to male and female reproductive systems;

 @ 34:47 | Veronika Kyrylenko discusses conservative Europeans mission to unite against leftism and globalism;

@ 46:57 | John Birch Society CEO Bill Hahn talks about the proper way to view and push back on the World Health Organization’s tyrannical inclinations.


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