Biden Administration Works Quietly To Provoke War In The Balkans


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With the full backing of U.S. Ambassador Michael Murphy, the so-called High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, has carried out a coup to undermine democracy and the rule of law in the country. Schmidt’s authority is rightfully not recognized by Republika Srpska because his mandate was not confirmed in the UN Security Council as stipulated in the Dayton Peace Agreement. Still, the German acolyte of Angela Merkel acts as a colonial ruler with dictatorial powers.

Serbian legal expert Goran Petronijević points to the trial of the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, before the High Court of Bosnia, as an example of something that is political and has nothing to do with law, mimicking the actions the Biden Administration has taken against former President Donald Trump in the United States. He also raises the alarm about Schmidt’s dictate to change the Criminal Code of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“Schmidt invented Article 203a, which literally says that anyone who disobeys his orders will receive a prison sentence of six months to five years. The trial of Dodik is an absurd situation, where the President of Srpska is being punished politically and in the form of legal decisions, in an effort to ban political action,” Petronijević explained.

Schmidt altered the law to ban anyone who is convicted from it from participating in political life in an attempt to stifle any opposition to the colonial regime backed by the Biden Administration.
“Schmidt and those who support him intended for Dodik to be convicted and the banned from political activity so as to eliminate him from political life. This is something similar to what is being done in the US regarding the candidacy of Donald Trump for the presidential elections,” the Serbian lawyer explained.

Schmidt has undermined democracy and installed a dictatorship with the support of the Biden Administration and the globalist international community, without having received the power to do so from the United Nations Security Council.

The recent moves to undermine democracy in Bosnia come on the heels of a failed Globalist coup attempt in neighboring Serbia that tried to overthrow the government after the opposition was resoundingly defeated in the December elections. Through these calculated efforts to increase tensions in the Balkans, the Biden Administration is quietly laying the groundwork for another Balkan war.

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