Biden Administration Continues Saber-Rattling In Bosnia Increasing Tensions


U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia Michael J. Murphy with Bosnian presidency member Denis Becirovic, via X

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As Serbs in Republika Srpska, one of the two entities recognized by the Dayton Peace Agreement that form part of present-day Bosnia, prepare to celebrate their national day on January 9, the Biden Administration is increasing its saber-rattling in the region. According to a report in Stars and Stripes, “U.S. special operators on the ground in Bosnia coordinated with two U.S. Air Force F-16s flying overhead to rehearse a close air support mission with local [Bosnian] forces.” The military provocation is the latest in a series of moves by the Administration designed to further division in the region aimed at inciting a new Balkan War.

Serbs in Bosnia have faced increasing persecution by a Muslim-dominated globalist government in Sarajevo that is ruled over by an illegally-appointed German High Representative Christian Schmidt who has tried to assume dictatorial powers in the country. Although he is not recognized by Republika Srpska, Schmidt has effectively made it a crime for anyone to speak out against his dictates.

In addition, with the full support of U.S. Ambassador Michael J. Murphy, the Muslim regime has begun a politically motivated prosecution of the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik. The use of lawfare resembles the tactics the Biden Administration is employing against its political opponents in the United States, most notably former President Donald Trump.

The moves by the U.S.-backed globalist regime in Sarajevo violate the Dayton Agreement, which established two separate entities under the umbrella of a Bosnian state. Rather than respecting that agreement, the United States and its globalist allies have pushed for the creation of a centralized Muslim-dominated state to be absorbed into Western globalist Structures to the detriment of Bosnian Serbs. As a result of these provocations, Republika Srpska is now left with few options other than to declare its independence from Bosnia.

U.S. Ambassador Michael Murphy implied a threat of military action against Republika Srpska if it declares independence. In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on January 4, the U.S. Ambassador wrote “I met today with member of the BiH Presidency Denis Becirovic. We discussed the challenging political situation in BiH. I underscored that the BiH Constitutions provides no right of secession. Full stop. The U.S. will act if anyone tries to change this basic element of Dayton. Bosnia and Herzegovina future lies with the Euro-Atlantic community of nations, and the United States will continue to support that path.”

The U.S. Embassy followed this up with a more explicit threat on Monday, when U.S. forces joined the Bosnian military exercises. “The training event was part of efforts by U.S. forces to exchange tactics, techniques, and procedures with the AFBiH as well as to demonstrate the United States’ commitment to ensuring the territorial integrity and sovereignty of BiH. The United States will not stand by while the Dayton Peace Agreement and BiH’s institutions are challenged.”

The President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, responded to the provocations, declaring that his country has the ability to defend itself against all attacks but that it wants peace. “The Republika Srpska proved capable of defending itself from attacks in a political and other sense, to develop its economy, to maintain its public, social and political life, to build its institutions and to be loved. If it weren’t for the people’s love for the Republika Srpska, it would have long since disappeared from the political and every other scene,” Dodik said at the official reception in the Government of the Republika Srpska on the occasion of celebrating January 9 – the Day of the Republika Srpska.

Dodik added that the majority of people in Republika Srpska want independence and that the Serbs have been living the idea of independence for 32 years, as well as that it is his responsibility to respect that, but also that he is in charge and takes note of the right moment.

The failure of U.S. policy in the region threatens its stability. The Biden Administration clearly sees provoking conflict as a way to cover up for its own failings. Bosnia is an artificial creation of the globalist West. Anyone who thinks that it is sustainable as a multi-ethnic state has no understanding of the history of the region. As former U.S. Secretary of State, the late Henry Kissinger once stated, “There’s no Bosnian language or culture. Bosnia is an administrative entity which contains Croats, Muslims, and Serbs. It was artificially created as a sub-division of Yugoslavia, and foolishly recognized as a state by the Western powers…”

The hypocrisy of the Biden Administration’s policy is glaring. It is intentionally provoking division within the Bosnian state by trying to subordinate Republika Srpska to a centralized Muslim-dominated globalist state. This leaves Bosnian Serbs with no choice but to declare independence. While effectively pushing Bosnian Serbs to declare independence, the Biden Administration threatens the use of military might to forcibly impose the artificial union that is Bosnia today. While declaring that Bosnian Serbs have no right to self-determination, they fully support independence for the autonomous Serbian province of Kosovo on the basis of that very principle of self-determination.

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