Biden Admin Unveils New $400 Million Aid Package for Ukraine


The Biden Administration unveiled its second round of military aid to Ukraine for $400 million, following its $95 billion and $60 million for the country.

The new package will consist a number of weapons, including:

Patriot missile system munitions

High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMAR) systems and ammunition

Stinger anti-air missiles, 155mm artillery rounds

Bradley Fighting Vehicles

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAPs)

“As President Biden has made clear, the United States and the international coalition we have assembled will continue to stand with Ukraine in its defense of its freedom,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement.

The package marks the second Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) package since I signed the foreign aid package earlier this year.

Biden had previously authorized a $6 billion package under the new bill, including the beleaguered nation for a number of years.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that some equipment will arrive within days, while other
packages will take longer.

Austin said the Pentagon is working to “move as fast as we can to get them the capability as fast as industry can produce.”

The news comes just a day after Russia launched its largest cross-border operation since the start of the war.

Russian forces advanced close to Ukraine’s second most populous city of Kharkov, where they eized territory and took a number of Ukrainian soldiers prisoner.

The Russian Army has also recorded gains along the frontline in Donetsk, where much of the fighting occurred.

Since the war began in 2022, the Biden administration has sent more than $100 billion in military and humanitarian aid.

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