Bakstage.AI Embeds IBM to Further Personalise CX


New York-based start-up Bakstage.AI, a sales enablement platform, has integrated IBM’s into its own platform to help clients benefit from “even more” personalisation of their online customer experience.

Bakstage provides businesses with an embedded AI-powered one-to-one video concierge service called AI Sales Assist, which helps shift interactions from static, one-size-fits-all customer experiences to “modern, dynamic and hyper-personalized engagements”.

Using Bakstage, the company says an online customer can connect with a sales representative or an in-store specialist through a one-on-one live video call right on the website, which allows for “more seamless” customer conversations. 

By enhancing its AI capabilities with IBM, Bakstage says it can provide “deep insights” into the customer journey, generating AI call summaries, follow-up workflows with necessary action items, feedback for human agents and sentiment analysis, allowing for data-driven strategy adjustments and a personalized sales process.

Bakstage adds that these features can be particularly valuable to companies within the B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), retail, financial services and insurance industries that manage complex customer inquiries in multiple languages and industry use cases. 

The start-up adds that it has worked with IBM during its AI mentorship program, with IBM advising it on its go-to-market strategy. Additionally, the tech giant’s portfolio of AI tools also led Bakstage to choose IBM for its partnership.

Sharing an example, Bakstage says that IBM’s watsonx natural language programming (NLP) enables Bakstage to provide sentiment analysis on conversations with customers, which can provide insight on how to serve the customer better and how our clients can train their staff more efficiently to improve customer experience.

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