Bad Frequency: Is America Ready for George Soros Radio Station Domination?


Invading armies prepare the battlefield by securing information dominance if possible, the conduit through which they push their propaganda. Maybe that’s the reason that leftist George Soros and his son, leftists who hate traditional American values, are using their billions to buy huge interests in radio stations that have some of the biggest audiences in America. And right before the 2024 election. What a coincidence. 

Audacy owns big news and talk stations; beloved, big booming oldies and classic rock stations, adult contemporary music stations, and sports talk outlets. Among the biggest properties it owns are news outlets such as 1010 WINS in New York City, KCBS in San Francisco, WBBM Newsradio in Chicago, and KNX News in Los Angeles. The group owns WFAN in New York, 92.9 The Game in Atlanta, The Score 670 in Chicago, and 940 WIP in Philly. Its oldies and classic rock stations include 100.3 JACK FM in Dallas, KISW in Seattle, and KRTH 101 in LA. 

The radio conglomerate owns 230 radio stations around the country that they claim possess 90% “coverage” in each market and boasts 165 million monthly broadcast listeners.

The New York Post reports that:

The left-leaning billionaire’s Soros Fund Management has bought up $400 million of debt in Audacy — the No. 2 US radio broadcaster behind iHeartMedia with stations including New York’s WFAN and 1010 WINS, as well as Los Angeles-based KROQ, according to bankruptcy filings.

One insider close to the situation, noting that he was a Republican, said he believed it was possible Soros was buying the stake to exert influence on public opinion in the months leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

“This is scary,” the source said. 

Though podcasts are gaining more ears every day, the talk radio format is the favorite and most influential medium for a huge swath of conservatives. Audacy has several talk radio stations on its roster, including KDKA in Pittsburgh, The Voice of St. Louis, KMOX; Talk 980 in KMBZ in Kansas City; 830 WCCO in Minneapolis;  and Newstalk 840 KXNT in Las Vegas.  

In 2022, Soros bought 18 Spanish-language radio stations, including anti-communist talk station Radio Mambi, the voice of the Cuban exiles in South Florida. Now he has bought a 40% stake in Audacy, which owns some of the most prestigious call letters in the business. 

The Post reports that “Soros’s stake is equal to about 40% of the company’s senior debt — a massive chunk which, although not a majority, could yield effective control of the media giant when it emerges from bankruptcy.”

How will he use these properties over which he asserts 40% control? Well, let’s take a look at what he has done.

George Soros has bankrolled leftist protesters and put his hand on key district attorneys to control how “justice” is dispersed. He has tilled the ground for decades to control secretaries of state in various states to control how we vote and by what rules. He has attempted to take control of attorneys general in states throughout the country. These efforts have contributed to the chaos on the streets of big-city America. 

Now Soros could own huge swaths of information outlets for fifty cents on the dollar, a deal which must be approved in bankruptcy court on February 20.

It’s not hard to see where this is going. This is on par with Al Gore selling his TV channel to Al Jazeera. Good God. 

In “The Art of War,” Sun Tzu wrote, “Hence the skillful fighter puts himself into a position which makes defeat impossible, and does not miss the moment for defeating the enemy.” 

Information dominance is a battlefield, and don’t you forget it.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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