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Buckhead, a portion of Atlanta, Georgia, is looking to break free from the rest of a city in rapid decline. After decades of increased safety that started ahead of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, it took one woman and a single summer to ruin it. Not even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio can beat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ time for running a city into the ground. It took de Blasio two terms. Bottoms has been so spectacular she’s announced she won’t even run for a second one.

As a result of her rank incompetence, Buckhead, a wealthier section of Atlanta with about 100,000 residents, has decided to control its own destiny. There are two bills in the state legislature to affect the split, and the group has raised the required amount of money to move forward.  Buckhead is petitioning to become wholly independent and establish and enlarge their own police force under different leadership.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Bill White, the leader of the movement to create an independent Buckhead. White told Tucker that residents feel as if they are living in a war zone. They are filing for divorce, according to White, and it will be final. He expects there will be an initiative on the ballot in 2022. If it is successful, Atlanta will lose at least 20% of its tax base.

Carlson described the rise in crime during his monologue. Two recent assaults include a man shot while jogging by an unknown assailant in a residential neighborhood and the stabbing of a pregnant woman on a walking trail in broad daylight. Her baby had to be delivered three months early. Neither victim was robbed, just violently assaulted:

In Buckhead, murders year-to-date are up almost 50 percent—that’s a lot of new dead people. Robberies and aggravated assaults are up by nearly 40 percent. Car thefts are up 65 percent. Lenox Square mall in Buckhead, one of the first indoor shopping malls in the United States, is now too dangerous to visit. Beginning last year, someone was getting shot at the mall virtually every month.

Carlson noted that the mall is now highly secured with metal detectors and armed officers, but violent crimes are still happening. White explained at least part of the reason why. He showed a video of a drive-by shooting where one resident was hit. There were blue police lights visible in the video, but Bottoms has prohibited officers from vehicle pursuits to prevent auto accidents. So the shooters just drove away and the officers called an ambulance and rendered aid.- READ MORE

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