Ashley Park Shares Health Update After Hospitalization for Septic Shock – JP


Park had revealed her health scare on Instagram Jan. 19, alongside a photo of herself lying on a hospital bed with a breathing tube while being kissed on the forehead by Paul, marking the first time the two have confirmed their relationship.

“While on holiday in December into New Years, what started as tonsillitis spiraled into critical septic shock, which infected and affected several of my organs,” the actress wrote. “I am grateful that my health has improved despite what we had initially been told.”

Park continued, “Grateful most of all to @peforman for being unconditionally by my side through all this. You calmed my fears and held me through ambulances, three foreign hospitals, a week in the ICU, scary ERs, countless scans and tests and injections, excruciating pain, and so much confusion all while we were alone on the other side of the world far from those we know. I love you Paul. More than I can ever say.”

On his own Instagram, the actor shared photos of the two together, including a close-up of them holding hands by her hospital bed, writing, “By your side, no matter what @ashleyparklady.”

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