Army Veteran, 81, Sucker Punched and Carjacked by Teenagers in Chicago


An 81-year-old army veteran, Ernie Aimone, became the latest victim in a horrific carjacking incident after he was assaulted by teens before they stole and crashed his car.

The retired Army veteran Sergeant who works delivering pizza was brutally attacked and robbed following a delivery in the Jefferson Park neighborhood on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

The incident occurred approximately at 9 pm on Wednesday, unfolding on North Ludlam Avenue, police said.

The man was approached from behind by the teens, who delivered a blow to his head, which sent him crashing to the ground.

The assailant then demanded Aimone’s car keys and followed it up with a vicious punch to his face.

“They said, ‘gimme the keys, gimme the keys,’” Aimone recalled.

“And they sucker punched me from behind, hit me in the face.”

“I was afraid for my life.”

The veteran didn’t resist, opting to stay on the ground as the assailants made off with his vehicle.

Ernie’s daughter, Robyn Aimone, responded to the attack, saying:

“It could have been a lot worse.”

“He couldn’t come home. He wouldn’t have come home that day,” she said.

“I don’t know what I would have done without him.”

State police located Aimone’s vehicle, which was identified as a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe.

However, the vehicle had been severely damaged following a collision.

Police apprehended one teenage suspect involved in the incident while the other culprits were still on the run.

Aimone, renowned for his dedication as a pizza delivery driver at Joe’s on Higgins for over four decades, received widespread admiration from his colleagues and patrons.

“He’s like family to us,” expressed Frank Demonte of Joe’s, reflecting on Aimone’s longstanding presence.

“He’s seen me grow up from very young. He worked for my Dad.”

“Ernie’s very special to us. Always has been,” affirmed Gina, Frank’s wife, echoing the sentiment of deep regard for Aimone within the Joe’s community.

Aimone pledges to resume his duties as a delivery driver when he managed to get another vehicle

“I got a daughter and a son,” Aimone asserted.

“I gotta live for them,” highlighting his profound sense of responsibility towards his family.

However, Aimone’s insurance company has declined coverage for a replacement vehicle, citing the carjacking incident during his work.

A GoFundMe initiative was set up to help Aimone with the costs, garnering nearly $27,000.

“He’s like a local legend,” remarked Dan Ciolino of the Chamber, emphasizing Aimone’s remarkable dedication to Joe’s.

“He deserves our support in his time of need.”

The fund will help facilitate the acquisition of a replacement vehicle for Aimone, with Joe’s Pizza Joint contributing $1,000 towards the cause.

“Ernie’s main source of income is through delivering pizza for Joe’s, and his insurance company wants to deny his claim, as he was carjacked while working,” his GoFundMe said.

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