Are Summer House's Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula Still Together? 


Longtime Summer House couple Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula have had a lot of drama between them over the course of the long-running Bravo series, and many fans are wondering: are they still together? Keep reading for updates on their relationship. 

Are Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Still Together?

The short answer is: yes, as of February 2024, the couple are going strong today. 

They even made it down the aisle after some ups and downs in their relationship, which began in 2015. The pair got married in September 2021 in the backyard of Amanda’s parents’ home in Hillsborough, New Jersey. However, as fans have seen, it was not an easy journey to get there. 

During the season 6 premiere, which aired in January 2022, Kyle and Amanda got into a huge fight because of the Loverboy founder’s partying lifestyle. 

Amanda was in tears when she couldn’t get a hold of Kyle while he was out drinking and feared he was going to cheat again after fans saw the reality star admit during season 3 that he was unfaithful to his now-wife. Before going to bed, she threw his things around the room and left his suitcase outside their door. Their fight continued the next morning and got much uglier.

When asked why he blamed Amanda for his actions on Watch What Happens Live after the season 6 premiere, Kyle said his fiancée was his “first line of fire” while admitting he was in the wrong.

“I messed up. I stayed out. I shouldn’t have stayed out. I got excited, it was night one!” he told host Andy Cohen, as a poll showed 87 percent of viewers voted that they would not marry Kyle after seeing the brutal argument.

The couple continued to document their relationship during season 7 of Summer House and season 3 of Winter House, while fans are currently seeing what they’ve been up to during season 8 of Summer House.

While promoting season 8, Kyle admitted to People that he and Amanda weren’t “seeing eye to eye on a number of things, like the balance between work and our personal lives” when they started filming the current episodes.

Did Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Have a Prenup? Contract Explained

Summer House fans also raised their eyebrows when Amanda revealed to costars Ciara Miller and Paige DeSorbo that Kyle signed a legally binding contract with her parents about their impending marriage. The paperwork said if they didn’t make it down the aisle because of his behavior, he would owe back all of the money the Batulas put into the wedding. 

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Kyle told Andy he was “not the one who came up with the contract idea,” but he did “agree to it.”

“She wanted to know I had skin in the game,” the Winter House star explained, noting that the “financial repercussions” gave his bride peace of mind. “Whatever Amanda needed, I was all in.”

For her part, Amanda admitted she doesn’t necessarily enjoy seeing their fights unfold on television.

“Obviously, I’ve had a few outbursts over the years, and I don’t like to watch it because I’m not proud of how I acted or how I handled the situation or how upset I got and I am embarrassed by it,” Amanda confessed to E! News. “So, it’s not something that I like sit there and watch with a smile on my face and I’m like, ‘You go girl!’ I’m like, ‘Ohhhh, it’s a little cringy.’”

When Did Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Start Dating?

The Bravolebrities started seeing each other casually in the summer of 2015, and while Amanda appeared in multiple episodes of season 1 of Summer House – which was filmed in the summer of 2016 – the pair didn’t make it totally official until the season finale, which aired in March the following year. 

Kyle proposed to Amanda toward the end of season 4, asking the brunette beauty to marry him while they were on a boat at sunset. “Future Mr. & Mrs Sendit, reporting for duty,” the Maryland native wrote via Instagram in September 2018, announcing their engagement. 

Did Kyle Cooke Cheat on Amanda Batula Again?

Amid the Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss affair scandal that rocked not only the Vanderpump Rules sphere but the Bravo world as a whole, fans began to speculate that Kyle had cheated on Amanda again after celebrity gossip account Deux Moi shared a post alluding to more infidelity on the entrepreneur’s part. 

“As we witness the fallout from the mess that is Scandoval, a Bravo couple on the opposite coast will soon find themselves in a very similar mess,” read the March 9, 2023, Instagram post. “He will be exposed for another ‘mistake.’ Will she be able to forgive and forget this one?”

Neither Kyle nor Amanda have spoken out about the rumors. 

Reps for Kyle and Amanda did not immediately respond to Life & Style’s request for comment. 

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