Are Golden Bachelor’s Gerry and Theresa Still Together?


The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner had a tough choice to make during the season finale. He told both of his final two women, Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist, that he was in love with them during the series’ inaugural season, but he ultimately ended up proposing to Theresa. But are Gerry and Theresa still together?

Are ‘Golden Bachelor’ Stars Gerry and Theresa Still Together?

Gerry and Theresa are still together in 2023. After fans watched Gerry propose in The Golden Bachelor finale, they surprised the live audience with the announcement that they planned to get married in January ​2024 in a televised special.

However, fans were shocked to see the couple spend Christmas 2023 apart less than one month after their engagement aired. Ten days ahead of the wedding, Gerry and Theresa spent the holiday with their respective families instead of with each other.

“What a great day with my pickleball friends!” Gerry captioned a group photo on Christmas Eve Eve, with Theresa nowhere in sight. “Good games in the morning. Bowling in the afternoon and an evening Christmas party.” He also shared a sweet Instagram picture of his daughters and granddaughters on Christmas Eve.

Theresa confirmed that she and Gerry were still together, despite not being with each other for Christmas. “A very Merry (Gerry) Christmas from us to you!” she wrote on Instagram. “I hope you’re getting to spend time with your loved ones this holiday season. Gerry and I are celebrating with our own families but will be back together in just a few more days.”

Just four days after they rang in the New Year together in New York City, Gerry and Theresa made their relationship official when they tied the knot during a televised ceremony on January 4, 2024.

Where Do Gerry and Theresa Plan to Live?

Along with their televised wedding announcement, the couple also revealed some details about where they’ll start their life together. Currently Gerry lives in Indiana while Theresa calls New Jersey home, but they plan to move to Charleston, South Carolina, a decision that Gerry thought “fate played a hand” in making.

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“For the last couple of years, when my family gets together, I’ve talked about moving to South Carolina, and it’s an idea I’ve toyed with. And then in conversation with Theresa, a private moment, she’s saying, ‘Well, yeah, my son lives near Charleston in South Carolina,’” Gerry told People in an interview. “And all of a sudden, it’s like, there’s a big problem that is gone. The issue of compromising on where to live and how to reconcile families and all of that is, it’s no longer an issue.”

Have Gerry or Theresa Addressed His Ex-Girlfriend’s Claims?

A day before the finale aired, The Hollywood Reporter published an interview with a woman who went by the name Carolyn to protect her privacy. In the report, Carolyn revealed several shady details that caused fans to raise their eyebrows regarding Gerry’s love life after the death of his wife, Toni, in 2017.

During The Golden Bachelor, Gerry tugged at viewers’ heartstrings when he said he hadn’t kissed anyone in six years. That was all a lie, according to Carolyn and her friend Susan McCreary, who also spoke to THR.

“I’m like, what? He’s got to know that people are paying attention to this show. I’m just flabbergasted,” Susan recalled thinking after Gerry’s kissing claims.

Gerry addressed his ex’s accusations after The Golden Bachelor finale aired on November 30, 2023, and said he wasn’t sure “how accurate” they were.

“My only response is that I have so many positive things in my life right now,” Gerry told The Los Angeles Times on December 1. “I have the wonderful love of Theresa, my partner. I don’t have time to reflect on comments like this. I’m happy to look forward.”

Theresa has not addressed the claims directly but her daughter, Jen Woolston, said that the financial services professional is “absolutely good” after having a conversation with Gerry about the situation.

“I think that there’s some bit of truth to some parts of it,” Jen admitted to Life & Style in an exclusive interview on December 18. “They are on the same page about it and that’s kind of good enough for me.”

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