Antifascist who set himself on fire outside Trump court recently completed probation for number of offenses including wine-hurling involving Bill Clinton portrait


The antifascist researcher who set himself on fire close to the Donald Trump trial had just completed a 180-day probation period after being involved in several troubling incidents of disorderly conduct and property damage. These events, characterized by their erratic and confusing behavior, had caused concern among members of the community.

The Daily Mail reports that Azzarello was the subject of three criminal complaints took place in August last year.

Azzarello, 37, whose employment status is listed as unemployed in the charging documents, hurled a glass of wine at a framed and autographed photograph of President Bill Clinton exhibited in the lobby of the Casa Monica Hotel in his hometown of Saint Augustine, Florida.

According to the complaint, the incident occurred on the evening of August 19, 2023, just after Azzarello had completed dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. He launched the glass at the image, shattering the glass on the framed photograph and staining it with wine.

Another details Azzarello “standing outside, stripping his clothes off and yelling at customers” at that same hotel.

“When police arrived, they noted that he was ‘wearing nothing but his underwear, standing on the sidewalk holing [sic] a speaker blasting music and yelling.'” The Daily Mail reports.

He was arrested again on August 24, this time for vandalizing property with graffiti and rummaging through a woman’s belongings in the flatbed of her truck.

Azzarello penned a manifesto before self-immolating. In it, he said that he was “an investigative researcher who has set himself on trial outside of the Trump trial in Manhattan.” He claimed that his intent was “to draw attention to an urgent and important discovery,” namely that “we are victims of a totalitarian con, and our own government (along with many of their allies) is about to hit us with an apocalyptic fascist world coup.”

Outside the courthouse, detectives could be seen at the site of the self-immolation. Footage shot by Viral News showed a detective walking away with a sign that read “Trump is with Biden they’re about the fascist coup us.” A truck parked near the scene reportedly belonging to Azzarello was covered with writing that said “Trump is with Hillary they’re about to fascist coup us.”

His substack url was written on the truck beneath the license plate.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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