Angelina Pivarnick Says Vinny Is 'Never Home' Amid Struggles


Angelina Pivarnick spilled about her relationship troubles in a conversation with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren Sorrentino, on the Thursday, February 15, episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. She was nearly in tears as she told the couple that her fiancé, Vinny Tortorella, had not been home in weeks.

“He’s saying he has mandatory overtime but it’s just weird to me,” Angelina, 37, admitted. “Literally, he’ll work from like 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. then go in a hotel because he’s a Port Authority cop [so] they put you up in a hotel. I’m like, ‘Is this mandatory or are you just taking this overtime?’ Mandatory overtime every minute? Come on.”

The episode was seemingly filmed at the end of summer 2023, less than one year after Angelina and Vinny, whose exact age is unknown, got engaged in New Orleans. In a confessional, Angelina reflected on being “inseparable” with Vinny, during the previous summer. One year later, that was no longer the case. “I just don’t believe him,” she said. “I think he doesn’t really want to be around me anymore.”

The reality star recounted a specific fight that she and her model fiancé had gotten into after running into Joe, Angelina’s former “side piece” during her marriage to Chris Larangeira, at the bar. “I see Joe and he kept staring at me,” Angelina began. “I wanted to, like, say something to him because I never had closure with Joe. Vin went to the bathroom, so Joe goes, ‘Hi, how are you?’ Whatever. We were just being nice. All of a sudden, Vin comes out and is like, ‘What the f–k are you doing? You don’t talk to my girl!’”

Things escalated when Vinny grabbed Angelina’s hand to walk away. She claimed that Joe punched Vinny and was stopped by the bouncers. “He still really wants to be with me,” Angelina said. “Vinny did not like that at all.”

When Lauren, 39, asked Angelina if she and Vinny were broken up, the former EMT didn’t have an answer. “He said he wants to work it out but he’s never home,” she explained. “And there’s money issues. He wants to help me pay property taxes. He claims he has no money, then he gets a Porsche truck. He’s like, ‘What does it matter? If I’m saving something, you should be happy for your man.’ Which is it? Are you saving all your money living with me or are you broke?”

Angelina also claimed that Vinny wanted her to put him on the deed to her home, which she had already paid off. She continued, “You can’t work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, [but] every time I ask him a question about his American Express bill, he’s like, ‘It’s in my locker at work.’ Four months ago I bought him a Gucci fanny pack, then he returns it and he puts the money on his credit card. Sometimes I’m like, ‘Why are you with me if you hate me so much?’ and he’s like, ‘I don’t know.’”

The Staten Island native admitted that she “didn’t know what to do” about the situation. “I really thought he was going to be my forever,” she said. “I’ve been engaged four times. Where’s my Prince Charming?”

Months after the episode was filmed, Angelina exclusively told Life & Style that she and Vinny were “fighting a lot” in December 2023, further hinting at troubles in their relationship. The pair met at the beginning of 2022 after Angelina separated from Chris, 46. Jersey Shore fans then got to meet Vinny on an episode of the show in March 2023, and their engagement episode aired the following month.

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