Amy Robach and TJ Holmes’ Honeymoon ‘Days Are Over’


Things took a personal — and emotional! —turn on Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ podcast on January 23, when Amy, 50, began to cry and admitted she’s been hurt by her beau’s recent behavior. “I felt extremely disconnected from you, and I am someone who does want and needs physical touch, words of affirmation and communication,” she told the 46-year-old, saying that he’d been “emotionally removed….The last few days, I felt disconnected from you.”

While the on-air candor was jarring for listeners, it was just the latest reality check for the lovebirds. The former GMA3 co-hosts were fired by ABC in January 2023 after they were caught canoodling prior to finalizing their respective divorces. Both later confessed to hitting the bottle too much — Amy was consuming over 30 alcoholic beverages a week, while T.J. had upwards of 18 drinks a day — amid the fallout last year.

“They were on a high during the early stages of their romance, but those days are over,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style, noting the couple have spoken about the “pressure” to make their relationship work now that their careers have been “unfairly taken.… As Amy’s said, there’s been a price to pay for their relationship. They just never could’ve imagined encountering so many bumps in the road.”

Those bumps have a lot to do with the fact that the couple spend nearly 24 hours a day together. They launched their “Amy & T.J.” podcast in December 2023, and though they have proven on-air chemistry, they’re now in charge of content, bookings, promotions and ratings, and it hasn’t been easy. “All of that has consumed both of us,” Amy’s said. “What we have ended up doing is sitting in silence for hours next to each other, and it is exhausting.”

So are their at least once-a-week arguments, after which Amy says T.J. freezes her out for two days. “They’ve actually thought about going to couples therapy,” the insider reveals to Life & Style. “It definitely couldn’t hurt.”

The rough patch has been so bad that the duo even felt compelled to tell fans “we are still together” in a January 24 Instagram post.

“We wanna be real and we wanna be transparent,” she noted of sharing their low moments. “We wanted to show all the sides of us.” However, hashing their problems out in public doesn’t seem to be helping matters. “They both desperately want the relationship to work,” the insider tells Life & Style. “They’d be humiliated if they broke up now.”

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