America First Legal launches investigation into Biden TSA’s ‘vetting’ of illegal immigrants being flown around the US


On Friday, America First Legal launched an investigation into the Transportation Security Administration’s vetting of illegal immigrants, or lack there of, following numerous reports of undocumented newcomers spotted traveling through airports and boarding planes across the United States.

Via a Freedom of Information Act request filed with the TSA, AFL is seeking to “uncover the extent of this national security risk” posed by “effectively tak[ing] illegal aliens at their word for their identities.”

Journalists at the border have reported on the vast number of foreign identification cards and documents that are littered around the border from illegal immigrants who discard those documents in order to claim refugee, asylym status, and to reinvent themselves for border control. Border control agents give these illegal immigrants new documentation with whatever name and identifiers given by those illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are then able to travel throughout the US using nothing but those border documents.

“Over the holiday travel season, the flying public witnessed multitudes of illegal aliens traveling through airports and boarding flights across the country,” AFL wrote in its FOIA request. “Reportedly, these groups of individuals each carried plastic bags containing their belongings and a phone and were accompanied by an interpreter—all presumably paid for by non-governmental organizations.”

The legal group noted that it was unclear whether the migrants in question were included in, or in addition to, the tens of thousands set to be housed in airports at the behest of the Biden administration. The Biden admin has flown illegal immigrants into the country from Venezeula and other locations and allows those who cross the border access to the domestic US, giving court dates many years into the future.

Quoting the TSA itself, AFL pointed out that “aviation is a preferred target for terrorists seeking to conduct spectacular mass-casualty attacks that cause economic damage and garner widespread media attention,” and questioned why the agency “rigorously screens law-abiding Americans” while holding illegal immigrants to a lower standard.

Reiterating that an increasing number of suspects on the United States’ terror watch list have been apprehended trying to cross the border as of late, AFL requested a number of records in order to “uncover the extent of this national security risk and the potential that NGOs facilitating the interstate travel of illegal aliens may have influenced the DHS and TSA officials responsible for aviation screening policy.”

AFL called on the TSA to provide records showing the number of illegal aliens who were allowed to board an airplane during each month from fiscal year 2021 onwards, as well as those who did so using “acceptable alternative identification.”

The group also asked the agency to release “all records addressing the security risk presented by ‘acceptable alternate identification’ or ‘acceptable alternative identification’,” and “all records of communications with any email address with a non-governmental domain referring to: ‘acceptable alternate identification,’ ‘acceptable alternative identification,’ ‘CBP One,’ or ‘NO NAME GIVEN'” since January 2022.

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