America First Finally Reaches JP


Last Updated on February 13, 2024

On Tuesday, Matt Walsh of JP came out sporting the blue, white–and red.

“Foreign aid, by definition, is taxation without representation,” said Walsh on X. “Taxpayers are funding foreign governments without any say in how the funds are used. This country was literally formed to stop that sort of injustice. The whole system of foreign aid is corrupt, immoral, and evil.”

And he didn’t stop there.

When asked by account “Christ Gnosis” if “we should stop all funding to Israel.” He replied, “Yes. All countries.”

The actions of neoconservative and corporate conservatives have recently shown, at least, a minor tint of the America First agenda portrayed by famous paleoconservative Patrick J. Buchanan and attempted to be implemented by former President Donald Trump.

Another from JP, conservative’s favorite Candace Owens, was, at first, reluctant to acknowledge what was crippling the movement. In a post to a National File reporter, she reluctantly dismissed the #BanTheADL campaign.

After the Oct. 7 attack against Israel, the awakenings and realizations seemed to occur heavily on the true MAGA right, particularly the intellectuals of America First. But as for commentators and influencers, JP has shown more “recognition” than any other outlet.

Candace Owens has been outspoken against Israel and its mysterious relationship with the United States. She may be obscure at times as her fellow employee at JP, Ben Shapiro, has harassed and threatened her for her America First and pro-Christian stances.

The tide seems to be turning towards America’s roots as more and more mainstream conservatives are starting to hark back to the ideals of Christianity and policies solely dedicated to the nation. Owens has continued the pressure since last fall and remains a prominent voice with 4.7 million followers on X.

Other commentators, including Elijah Shaffer and Cassandra MacDonald of The Gateway Pundit, have also signaled to Ameria First and Interventional. The dominant dialogue has been greatly suppressed after waves of bans on X. Still, others at JP maintain the status quo.

Michael Knowles and Andrew Klaven maintain a “soft” neoconservatism to their commentary, abstaining from criticism of Israel or the promotion of nonintervention. As for Owens, she has been pressuring the corporate narrative, presenting her faith in Christianity and being open to other more nuanced interpretations.

America First Candace Owens Strides Past Neocon Establishment

The question remains: Will JP remain the premier neoconservative outlet? Or will it soon be forced to embrace America First, Christianity and nationalism?

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