Aides Won't Let Biden Walk Alone Any Longer


Biden needs aides to surround him while walking. He was told not to walk solo any longer. This is what Democrats are pawning off on the nation so the real leaders can hide, remaining unaccountable.

Did they sell his bicycle?

He’s almost El Cid, tied to a horse while dead, leading the forces into battle.

Axios reported, “President Biden has introduced a change to his White House departure and return routine. Instead of walking across the South Lawn to and from Marine One by himself, he’s now often surrounded by aides.

“With aides walking between Biden and journalists’ camera position outside the White House, the visual effect is to draw less attention to the 81-year-old’s halting and stiff gait.

“Some Biden advisers have told Axios they’re concerned that videos of Biden walking and shuffling alone — especially across the grass — have highlighted his age.”

Las Vegas News Magazine

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