'Agents observed multiple individuals emerging from a storm drain': Border Patrol foils human smuggling attempt, CBP reports | Blaze Media


U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents have been foiling human smuggling attempts.

“In the last seven days alone, El Paso Sector agents have disrupted 23 human smuggling events leading to more than 104 smuggled migrants apprehended and the arrest of nine individuals with criminal backgrounds,” a Janauary 12 press release noted.

One example involved people “emerging from a storm drain,” according to CBP.

“On Jan. 5, agents assigned to the El Paso Station Anti-Smuggling Unit (ASU) disrupted a smuggling scheme encountering six smuggled migrants inside a SUV. Agents observed multiple individuals emerging from a storm drain near the Azcarate Park and then jumping into a vehicle. Agents subsequently performed an immigration stop locating the migrants from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Ecuador, including one unaccompanied juvenile from Mexico. All migrants were medically evaluated and processed under Title 8 authority. The driver will face prosecution under 8 USC 1324 (Conspiracy to Transport), five subjects will face prosecution under 8 USC 1325 (Illegal Entry) and one individual under 8 USC 1326 (Reentry after Deportation),” CBP noted.

The press release comes the day after the Department of Homeland Security urged people to wear blue in a bid to increase awareness about human trafficking.

Conservatives have been calling for the Biden administration to secure the nation’s southern border.

“By facilitating human trafficking, Biden brings in everything from terrorists to disease to lawlessness. Oh, and more than enough fentanyl to kill every single American. None of this would be possible if Biden weren’t all for it. So what’s in it for him?” Sen. Mike Lee of Utah tweeted.

Lee has announced that he is endorsing former President Donald Trump’s White House bid. He made the announcement days before the Iowa Republican presidential caucus.

“I just endorsed Donald Trump. Whether you like Trump or not, Americans face a binary choice. Biden refuses to enforce our border, prosecutes his opponents, & embraces policies that make life unaffordable for hardworking Americans. I’ll take the mean tweets. I choose Trump,” Lee tweeted.

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