African immigrant arrested for rape of 75-year-old French woman on New Year’s


A 75-year-old woman in France was allegedly raped by an African immigrant on New Year’s morning according to local police who arrested the suspect. Her disabled husband sat horrified and helpless in another room as the incident occurred, Remix reports.

The suspect entered the victim’s house located on a quiet street in Ozoir-la-Ferrière through a window that wasn’t properly shut before coming across the bedridden husband who reportedly screamed in panic.

The suspect then found the elderly woman and proceeded to rape her without protection, as reported by local news outlets, then demanded 50 euros and fled.

After she called her son, the victim was taken to the emergency room for treatment.

The African national was arrested on Tuesday and the Melun public prosecutor’s office made a statement in a press release regarding the suspect:

“Investigations are continuing to verify elements likely to implicate the arrested individual. As it stands, the Melun public prosecutor’s office does not wish to communicate any information relating to the person in custody.

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