Adobe Premiere Pro Brings Gen AI to Video Editing


Adobe has brought in generative AI video workflows inside of Adobe Premiere Pro, a popular video editing tool.

Over the past one year, Adobe Premiere Pro team worked with the video editing community to understand how generative AI can be used to their benefit by solving real problems. The feedback received was that editors wanted to use generative AI to reduce workflow tedium, streamline tasks, and increase creative control.

Requirements included wanting to integrate generative AI into their workflows and tools used every day, editing existing content faster, and the ability to use different AI models that are good at different things.

The new AI-enhanced tools within Adobe Premiere Pro include the ability to make shots a little longer, add new objects or remove unwanted objects, and generate missing b-roll. 

“As we continue to innovate in the rapidly developing world of generative AI, we’re committed to open platforms and partnerships to deliver the capabilities our customers want where they want them,” Adobe said in a statement.

“Through early explorations with companies like OpenAI and Pika, customers will be able to choose the right model for their use cases.

“And we know all models may be trained be differently, so we are committed to transparency through Content Credentials, which are like a nutrition label for content creation, to ensure consumers will always know what models were used in the creation of the media they are viewing.”

To create a chain of trust throughout the process, right from creation to editing to publication, Adobe said it has enabled Content Credentials to be supported inside Premiere Pro.

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