Actor warns Tucker Carlson of global power grid disaster


American actor Dennis Quaid warned during a recent interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson that there is a “100% probability” a solar storm could “fry” the whole electric grid and cause a global disaster.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Carlson shared his interview with the legendary actor. Captioning the episode, Carlson wrote, “At some point America’s power grid will fail. What happens then? Dennis Quaid on a risk the government seems to be ignoring.”

During the interview with Carlson, Quaid warned, “Basically, there is a 100% probability that our sun, generating what they call a GMD, which is a solar storm, that hits hard, hits our Earth, and the magnetic field we have around the Earth, and can fry everything that is electric above the ground, including our entire grid.”

Asked whether a solar storm capable of destroying America’s entire power grid would happen naturally, Quaid claimed that solar storms have already impacted the United States in the past. Quaid referenced the Carrington Event from 1859 as an example of a previous solar storm.

“It fried our entire telegraph system,” Quaid said. “And so imagine what that would do now, with a very large storm, which there’s a 100% chance of it happening.”

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While Quaid warned that the destruction of America’s power grid would cost trillions of dollars to replace, he claimed that the country would never be able to build a new grid because of all the complications that would stem from the destruction of the current grid.

“There wouldn’t be water in your tap. You couldn’t get gas for your car because the whole system is broken down,” Quaid warned. “Everything that we rely upon would be gone. The food would melt in our refrigerators.” Quaid added that experts have predicted that 90% of the population would die within a single year if a solar storm destroyed the power grid.

Quaid was previously featured in the “Grid Down Power Up” documentary movie. The movie’s website warns, “Grid failure is a real and imminent threat, a devastatingly deadly occurrence leading to life-threatening shortages of heat, food, and water.”

The “Grid Down Power Up” film’s website claims that if actions are not taken to protect America’s power grid, “catastrophic failures” could lead to millions of deaths caused by darkness, starvation, and destruction. The movie warns, “One thing is evident: the clock is ticking, and if nothing changes, the power may go out for good.”

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