A.W.F.L. NYC Principal Bashes Parents Angry About Her Making Students Remote to Make Room for Illegals


No, we didn’t misspell the word ‘awful’ in our headline. If you’re unfamiliar with the acronym A.W.F.L. it actually stands for:

Affluent, White, Female, Liberal.

Honestly, we couldn’t think of a better way to describe this NYC HS principal who forced students into remote learning to make way for illegal immigrants at the school. Because you know, remote learning didn’t decimate education for millions of children in the first place or anything.

From the New York Post:

A Brooklyn high school principal lashed out at parents who ripped her decision to boot students out of the classroom the day after 2,000 migrants moved in for a night.

“How dare someone say that I don’t care about kids,” roared James Madison High School principal Jodie Cohen on a Zoom call Tuesday at parents seething that she “sold the kids out” by having them go remote the day after the migrants were evacuated from Floyd Bennett Field because of a torrential rain storm.

“I don’t understand how people who never come on a Zoom like this could take an opportunity like this evening to throw mud,” Cohen said, her voice breaking.

Awww, her voice breaking at the end there was a nice touch.

What she’s really upset about though is the parents daring to get angry with her when she CARES SO MUCH. And how dare they ‘throw mud’?! You’d have thought the backfire on education after so many other AWFLs (most of them in the teacher’s unions) all but destroyed it so they could fight for more money and to elect Biden would be a wake-up call but, nope. 


C’mon, we all know that’s what the classroom closures were really about. Giving teachers more time to play activists.

When they became dependent on donations from the teacher’s unions.

Democrats in general. FIFY.

But you guys … SHE CARES SO MUCH!



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