7 Egyptian immigrants arrested for violent gang rape of 13-year-old girl in Italy


Seven immigrants from Egypt were arrested Sunday for the rape of a 13-year-old girl which took place last week in Catania, Italy.

Breitbart reports that she and her boyfriend were approached by the gang of teenagers who began threatening the couple. The foreigners then beat the boy and held him down.

Two of the immigrants then grabbed the girl and held her down while they took turns raping her as her boyfriend watched helplessly. Both of the victims screamed, but to no avail.

Once the second rape was over, the girl managed to break away from the assailants and the couple ran.

Police were able to identify the violent rapists using footage from nearby surveillance cameras. Three were minors and four were adults over the age of 18.

Despite this, all 7 of the Egyptian nationals had been placed in migrant centers for minors.

After their arrests, 3 were taken to Catania Piazza Lanza prison, 1 was placed under house arrest, and the last 3 were returned to the migrant center.

Right-wing Prime Minister Georgia Meloni spoke out about the incident: “I want to express my solidarity with her and her family. The state will be there and justice will be done.”

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said: “Don’t come and talk to me about ‘tolerance’ or ‘error’. In the face of horrors of this kind, there can be no clemency but only one cure: chemical castration. I’m counting on the proposal presented by the League to be voted on as soon as possible.”

Italian MEP Annalisa Tardino agreed that “chemical castration is needed for rapists and paedophiles, life imprisonment for similar episodes, as well as greater security in our cities.”

She called “For the foreigners [to be] repatriated immediately,” adding, “In Egypt, they would never have allowed such behaviour. The safety of our children must be a priority throughout Italy.”

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