42 of the Best Signs From March for Life


At the 51st annual March for Life Friday, thousands of pro-life organizations, churches, and individuals marched from the National Mall to the steps of the Supreme Court. Participants braved snow and bitter temperatures, joining in the second March for Life that has occurred since Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court.

Here are the top 42 pro-life signs displayed.

  1. Choose Life

2. Life Is a Gift

3. This Barbie Is Pro-Life

4. Human With Great Potential

5. Have the Spine to Defend Human Kind

6. End the Greatest Human Rights Injustice: Abortion

7. Abortion Is Stanky

8. America Runs on Life

9. What About My Choice?

10. A Real Feminist Chooses Life

11. Abortion Ends a Story That Is God’s to Write

12. Let Their Hearts Beat

13. Abortion..? Ugh. As If!

14. Can We at Least Protect THIS Border?

15. Unborn Babies Are Kenough

16. Abortion Is the Greatest Injustice of Our Time, Says School Shooting Survivor

17. Every Baby Deserves a Birthday

18. No Thanks… I Choose Life

19. Planned Parenthood Profits Off $$$ Human Suffering

20. Judge Me By My Size Do You? Size Matters Not. – Yoda

21. Made In God’s Image

22. Make More Babies

23. Pro-life Snowmen – The Future is Family

24. C’mon Joe Even You Love Kids

25. Life is NOT Disposable

26. One Shouldn’t Be Killed Because They Are Inconvenient

27. Can’t DeFetus

28. I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

29. Unapologetically Pro-Life

30. Our Salvation Began With an Unplanned Pregnancy

31. Their Rights Don’t End Where Your Comfort Begins

32. Pro-Choice Catholic Is an Oxymoron

33. They Told Me I Couldn’t be a Successful Teen Mom, So I’m Proving Them Wrong

34. Americans are Born to Be Free, If Only They Were Free to be Born

35. Would It Bother Us More If They Used Guns?

36. I Used to Be a “Clump of Cells” But Then I Gru Up!!!

37. Give Justice to the Weak & the Fatherless – Psalm 82:3

38. I Will NOT Stay Silent So That You Can Stay Comfortable

39. Stop Abortion Pills

40. Pro-Life Pro-Vida

41. How Can There Be Too Many Children? That’s Like Saying There’s Too Many Flowers

42. I March Because My Birth Mom Chose Adoption!!

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