'185 Drones, 110 Missiles … ' Bethany Mandel Drops the Facts Against Israel 'Restraint' Demands


Israel’s Iron Dome hadn’t even shot down its first missile before the left was smugly demanding Israel show, ‘restraint,’ in responding to the sudden and aggressive attack from Iran last night.

As liberals fretted over what Israel might do in retaliation, Bethany Mandel provided some needed context.

It doesn’t get much more direct than this. It seems no matter what genocidal antisemitic powers do to Israel, the Jewish state is always expected to stay calm and polite.

No other country would be expected to stand by and do nothing while being relentlessly assaulted with rockets. No one would tolerate such aggression and violence.

But Israel is expected to not only tolerate it, but take no action whatsoever in self-defense.


See, in the minds of the left, Israel is by default the aggressor and everyone else is simply ‘resisting,’ so really, it’s Israel’s fault.

Yeah, when a genocidal power that has been calling for the eradication of the Jews and Israel for years launches hundreds of missiles at you, the best plan is to just wait and see what happens. Don’t want to overreact.

They demand a ceasefire so Hamas can regroup to better attack Israeli civilians. Democrats voted to shut down funding for the Iron Dome that saved thousands of lives during the attack, AOC even cried when their efforts failed. Now they once again want Israel to ‘show restraint,’ when directly attacked by yet another antisemitic power in the regime trying to wipe them off the map.

Will any level of aggression be good enough for the left to finally stand up to these violent lunatics?

Las Vegas News Magazine

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