10 Effective Places To Share Your YouTube Videos


Publishing your YouTube video is just half of the battle. You need to market your video to ensure people find it, which will help increase the views and ranking of the video. And personally sharing your YouTube videos with people is the best way to gain visibility.

Now I am sure you must be wondering where to share YouTube videos. Well, there are hundreds of websites that allow you to embed YouTube videos to gain views. However, choosing the right ones is extremely important. You need to find the most effective places that are also directly connected to your niche. Below we have created a list of 10 impactful places to submit your YouTube videos to gain thousands of views.

1. Facebook

Facebook definitely deserves the first mention of your YouTube video as soon as it is published. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your YouTube channel, then you should make it right now. The people who will like your Facebook page will most probably subscribe to your YouTube channel as well. Even if they don’t subscribe, you can still reach them through Facebook. You can also share your videos in your main Facebook profile where your friends — and eventually their friends — can see them.

2. Twitter


After Facebook, Twitter offers the most engagement in whatever niche you are creating videos on. Just make sure you give the right call to action description and Twitter can do wonders for you. You should create brand recognition for your particular YouTube channel on Twitter.

3. Google+ (Google Discontinued Google+)


Google owns both YouTube and Google+ so there is no excuse for not posting your videos there. Besides, Google automatically creates a Google+ page when you create a new YouTube channel, so sharing the video over there is painless. You should also consider sharing videos on your personal Google+ profile for more views.

4. Your Blog

Now that the no-brainer major social media networks are out of the way, let’s go for more direct forms of engagement. If you also run a blog related to the videos you do on YouTube, then you should add a sidebar widget showing your latest YouTube videos on your blog. YouTube Channel Gallery is a good plugin for this if you have a WordPress website.

5. WonderHowTo


If you create how-to videos, then WonderHowTo can help you gain thousands of views. It doesn’t matter what niche you create videos about, they just need to be instruction-based. Just sign up for a WonderHowTo account and create your post. You will have to provide text instructions alongside your video, but it’s worth it if you can get thousands of views.

6. StumbleUpon


StumbleUpon recommends users web content of their interest, and if your video comes in the interest of people then it will surely receive some light. Just install the StumbleUpon toolbar in your favorite browser and click the “Thumbs Up” button on your video to recommend it in the StumbleUpon community.

7. Digg


Similar to StumbleUpon, Digg is all about offering the most interesting content to its viewers. You can simply Sign in with Twitter or Facebook and submit your link. The more users like it, the more your video will become popular. And if it hits the first page, boy you are one lucky fellow.

8. Tumblr


Tumblr is another great platform to find interesting multimedia content. You can set up a blog on Tumblr and if you are successful, you will have another way to gain constant traffic.

9. Playbuzz


Playbuzz offers multiple formats to create engaging content and one of them is video snaps. You can create snaps of multiple videos and share them with the community. So basically Playbuzz gives you the opportunity to market multiple videos at a time.

10. Reddit


Agreed that Reddit is a hard place to market YouTube videos, but if you nail it right; it can be very fruitful. You need to find the right subreddits in your niche and then create a post for your video that will not make the users think you are just marketing. This does involve a lot of research and thinking, but when you will do it the right way you may get thousands of views, similar to how Hydraulic Press pulled it off.

Time To Share Your YouTube Videos

These are some of the most effective places to share your Youtube videos and they also make it rather easy to post videos. While posting videos on these websites, make sure you add a compelling description to attract users. Do let us know in the comments if you know of any other good places to share YouTube videos.

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