Zelensky Praises Romanian President Iohannis For Putting Ukraine’s Interests Before Those Of Romania


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In a revealing statement that demonstrates that the globalist cabal is firmly in charge of Romania, Volodomir Zelensky, praised his counterpart in Bucharest, Klaus Iohannis, for helping Ukraine regardless of Romanian national interests and putting Ukraine’s needs before those of his own people.

“Thank God, intelligent Romania appeared and the president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, simply helped me. He helped our farmers survive,” the Ukrainian president said, heaping praise on his globalist neighbor. “He had so many difficulties, he had protests. I think he showed the conviction of a strong man who said: First the values, then come the costs.”

A statement posted on the website of the Ukrainian President also mentions that the head of state thanked Romania for the support given to Ukraine and for helping Ukrainian farmers to survive. “Poland lost financially. We built a railway corridor through Moldova and Romania. We built a corridor through the Black Sea,” Zelensky is quoted as saying.

At the same time, Zelensky heaped praise on Poland’s new globalist government. “I had a discussion with Donald Tusk,” the Ukrainian strongman remarked. “I am grateful to him for his firm position at the EU meeting. I think we will resolve everything.”

Zelensky’s statements are a clear indication that rulers in Bucharest and those of other governments in Eastern Europe are taking orders directly from Washington and Brussels and are not even slightly concerned with their own national interests. In addition, Iohannis has shown his devotion to his globalist masters by completely ignoring Zelensky’s persecution of the Romanian minority living in Ukraine. The current political situation hearkens back to the days when the Soviet Union exerted its control over the governments in the region.

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