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There are still a few Republicans out there clinging to the idea that booting Kevin McCarthy was a bad idea. We had some mixed thoughts on our pages (pro and con). For myself, I landed firmly on the gotta-go side becasue McCarthy enabled the Democrat agenda instead of doing everything to stop it.

Here’s my objection to his supporters in a nutshell.

While McCarthy was speaker, Joe, and the Democrats didn’t seem to have too much trouble advancing their agenda at a time when Kevin’s job – his only job – was to leverage significant concessions or bring Congress to a screeching halt. I don’t recall hearing any tires chirp.

McCarthy was never going to be able to do more than stall the destructive agenda of the left, but he didn’t. And as is often the case, giving the Dems a bone here and there gained him nothing positive in return. Despite the progressive goodness Speaker McCarthy enabled, when given the opportunity to show some thanks, they voted him off the island. Every damn Democrat voted to kick him out.

Here’s Mark Kaye making exactly that point, and a few others, culminating in the obvious: You can’t work with Demcorats becasue the only thing that matters to them is them.



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