WWIII could break out but Biden doesn’t want us to lose sight of ‘only existential threat’ we face


Yesterday President Biden traveled to Philadelphia to try and convince everybody that “Bidenomics” doesn’t suck. Biden also had another battle with stairs: 

Did somebody leave a sandbag on the steps?

And even though this past week has brought with it more stories about terrorist atrocities in Israel, not to mention threats to the West from other parts of the world along with a “Day of Jihad,” Biden didn’t want everybody to lose focus of what really matters to the Democrats: Pushing their climate change shams and politicizing the weather: 

Climate change alarmism from a guy who uses a 747 and 25-car motorcade to go to campaign events and warn about the threat to humanity caused by the burning of fossil fuels is just incredible. 

The whole world could be on fire and the Biden White House would just claim that’s proof that people need to be forced to drive electric cars.


Frankly we’re surprised that hasn’t happened yet.

Yes, they do.

Biden claims to be protecting people from the “threat of climate” while fundamentally changing the economy:

Well, Biden’s certainly helped change the economy… for the worse.


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