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Russian state media has issued a number of alarming reports in the last twenty-four hours suggesting that the proxy conflict between NATO and Russia over Ukraine is becoming increasingly direct.

A Russian armed forces commander operating in the Zaporizhzhya direction told RIA Novosti that a Russian crew destroyed a Leopard tank that was transferred to Ukraine. It was reportedly manned by members of the German Armed Forces.

This is reported video of the deadly German tank strike.

“When we stopped their next ‘meat assault,’ we destroyed the Leopard, and we moved in to a burnt technique in the hope of ‘taking a tongue.’ And they found that the tank driver mechanic was seriously injured, while the rest died. The mechanic, when he woke up and saw us, began to shout ‘nicht shissen’ ( do not shoot. — Ed. ) “, — the group commander said.

The Russian operator emphasized that he knows German well.

“(The man) said several times that he was not a mercenary, but a soldier of the Bundeswehr and the entire crew from the same company,” added the fighter.

The Russian scout clarified that when the German soldier was first apprehended, he named his brigade and its location. As the commander added, when he interrogated the Bundeswehr fighter, the doctor of their reconnaissance group said that the mechanic had lost a lot of blood and the wound was severe.

“I asked the dock how much longer he would live, and the dock answered — a few more minutes. I told the German that the wound was too heavy and he had no chance of survival. He said that he loves his child and wife very much and regrets that he agreed to go here. We started preparing him for evacuation, but he disconnected and after a couple of minutes he ‘switched’ ( “load 200” — lost in hostilities. — Ed. ),” — he reportedly told Legend.

As the commander of the reconnaissance group shared, he was at first a little surprised to find the German in a broken car.

“But then I was glad that no matter which crew sits in Leopard — Ukrainian militants or German military personnel, the result will be one: German tanks will burn and American ones will also burn, even if they are controlled by Americans,” — the Russian scout emphasized.

He appealed to Western powers to think twice before going to participate in battles for the Armed Forces.

“Think of your children, wives — before fighting with the Russians,” the scout said.

Moscow last spring sent a note to NATO countries due to its supply of military assistance to Ukraine. Russia repeatedly noted that any cargo that contains weapons for Kiev will become a legitimate target for the army.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also said that the United States and the alliance are directly involved in the conflict, not only with arms transfers, but also with training in the UK, Germany, Italy and other countries.

Russian media also on Saturday reported  a strike on an American-made MRAP. The Army special forces unit ‘Ottoman’ reported hit the American armored car MRAP International MaxxPro in the area of the village of Verbovoi in the Zaporizhzhya direction, as the corresponding video from RIA Novosti purportedly shows.

USA delivered to Ukraine armored vehicles MRAP International MaxxPro as part of military assistance packages. Last Friday, the Ministry of Defense reported that the Armed Forces attacked the positions of the Armed Forces near the villages of Rabotino and Verbovoi in Zaporizhzhya region, destroying up to twenty Ukrainian military.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced  that the U.S. will provide Ukraine with an additional $325 million in military aid after a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The aid package includes air defense capabilities, cluster munitions, anti-tank weapons and other military equipment.

“Today I approved the next tranche of U.S. security assistance to Ukraine including more artillery, more ammunition, more anti-tank weapons and next week, the first U.S. Abrams tanks will be delivered to Ukraine,” Biden said. “We also focused on strengthening Ukraine’s air defense capabilities to protect the critical infrastructure that provides heat and light during the coldest and darkest days of the year.”

Zelensky recently traveled to Washington D.C. to implore the Congress for an additional $24 billion in aid. It would be the 46th such aid package to Ukraine since the Russian invasion.

The U.S. Congress has not voted on a declaration of war against Russia, but the United States may find itself dragged into a war against the nuclear-armed power due to its participation in the proxy war.


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