Would-be robber tells Florida clerk, “I’m from Chicago, bro” – but wasn’t prepared to have a gun pulled on him


Pensacola, FL: A heavily armed man casually strolled into a Pensacola, Florida convenience store brandishing a large shotgun in a failed robbery attempt after the cashier pulled out his own gun, according to authorities.

The Escambia’s Sheriff’s Officer released a September 9th video of Rakim Stephen Tate, 32, walking into the convenience store showing no sense of urgency and made no attempt to conceal the shotgun in a failed robbery attempt.

Authorities from the Sheriff’s office said Tate has been charged with openly (and foolishly) carrying a prohibited weapon and attempted robbery.

Tate can be seen on the video walking around, completely unsure of himself, even timid. As he slowly makes his way to the counter, he begins a conversation with the store clerk.

According to a Fox News article covering the story, it stated:

“‘I don’t mean no harm, I’m just not from around here,’ Tate is heard saying while holding his weapon. ‘I got a big (expletive) (expletive) gun, but I’m not from around here is what I’m saying. I’m from Chicago bro.’”

Screenshot image of Law and Crime Network YouTube Channel

Apparently, Tate thought his ‘street cred’ was going to score him some loot, but he was sadly mistaken.

The Chicago Crime Problem

His statement, however, wasn’t too far off- it did make some sense.

The super liberal city of Chicago has been a hot bed of violence in recent years, especially after local politicians have demonized the Chicago Police Department.

They, along with other liberal cities like Los Angeles and New York doubled down on their strategy and went ultra-soft on crime- often releasing criminals just moments after arrest.

These liberal policies have come under scrutiny lately as violent crime continues to skyrocket. Secondly, they have emboldened and empowered career criminals, like Tate, into thinking they are untouchable.

In cities like Chicago, you CAN get away with a lot.

Chicago police
screen shot taken from:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPdEhdIMoUc

But not in Florida.

Florida has much tougher laws for those individuals who want to engage in criminal activity. Moreover, they make it easier for law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons to defend themselves, as was the case here.

Tate came from an area that has some of the strictest gun laws in America- Chicago.

In a column posted over the summer by Fox News, it stated:

“In nearby Chicago, shootings raged over the long holiday weekend, killing at least 10 and leaving 62 injured. The city has long-faced rampant crime issues and notched its deadlines year on record in 25 years at the conclusion of 2021.” 

It continued:

“Chicago has long been known as a city with some of the strictest gun laws, which stretches back to its ban on handguns in 1982. The Supreme Court struck down the ban in 2010, but the city has continued with other strict laws.” 

Tate probably thought the robbery would be business as usual because, chances are, he was used to people not legally carrying weapons in Chicago.

Welcome to Florida, Mr. Tate.

The clerk, who was not viewable in the video, noticed the incompetent would-be robber. He then went to the back of the store to grab his own personal gun and prepared himself accordingly, authorities said.

As the wanna-be robber stood in front of the counter, as if everything is normal, he told the clerk:

Would-be robber tells Florida clerk, "I'm from Chicago, bro" - but wasn't prepared to have a gun pulled on him
Tate seen a bit unnerved talking to an armed clerk. Screenshot of the Law and Crime Network YouTube Ch.

“I see you got a [expletive] gun.”

After an awkward silence and a feeling of defeat he wasn’t used to (thanks to Chicago politicians), he calmy walked out- knowing he wasn’t going to win the fight that day.

The Escambia Sheriff’s Office provided a statement to the media, which was covered by Fox News, it stated:

‘“He then fumbles for words, resorting to meaningless babble about being from Chicago,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. ‘Words seem to fail you when your felony attempt is thwarted by lawful and righteous force.’”

The Sheriff’s office continued in the column by Fox News:

“‘Tate was arrested on Sept. 15 in Santa Rose County, authorities said, adding ‘You’re not in Chicago anymore; you’re under arrest.’”

Tate’s decision to try to simply rob a convenience was assuredly fueled by his experiences in Chicago. He is going to have to adjust to a way a state should operate, like Florida.

Liberal policies to let criminals run communities will never work.

And in Florida that day, the conservative policy to go after thugs will remind Tate, and others like him, that you cannot stroll in a store and rob it without resistance.

Would-be robber tells Florida clerk, "I'm from Chicago, bro" - but wasn't prepared to have a gun pulled on him

This is the kind of thing that happens in Chicago.

Democrat-run Chicago: Man faces no criminal charges in Chicago for stealing an ambulance

Posted September 3, 2022

CHICAGO, IL – Law Enforcement Today has learned that the man who allegedly stole an ambulance in Chicago, Illinois, and led officers on a 70-mile chase will have no charges filed against him in two of the counties involved.

Amazingly, only one county pushed forward with any type of criminal charges.

The incident occurred on April 5th of this year when a Chicago area attorney, Benjamin Herrington, allegedly took a Chicago Fire Department ambulance without consent and fled when confronted by law enforcement.

Herrington allegedly led officers on a 70-mile chase and then went through several different counties before he was taken into custody when the chase ended in Livingston County.

NBC 5 recently got curious to see what happened with Herrington and found out the different counties that Herrington allegedly drove through and led police officers in a vehicle pursuit…only one moved forward with any type of criminal charges and it was not Cook County where the chase started.

The only county that has filed any type of criminal charges, according to NBC 5 Investigates, is Grundy County.

Grundy County State Attorney Jason Helland noted that his office did pursue criminal charges against Herrington for having the stolen ambulance which was taken out of Chicago.

Helland was quick to note that if the ambulance had been stolen in his county and captured on video, they would have filed those charges as well. He said:

“What he’s [Herrington] charged with is the possession from this county line to that county line, even though it originated somewhere else and ended somewhere else.”

For those that may not be aware, in these situations, it is typical for every county in which the criminal offense happened to move forward with criminal charges against the defendant.

However, in this case, none of the other counties opted to move forward with any type of criminal offense.

Herrington was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and damage to government property and has pled not guilty to the charges.

The damage to government property stems from the $7,833.44 worth of damage allegedly caused by Herrington during the vehicle pursuit.

NBC 5 found that the Chicago Police Department has closed out the case on their end with no criminal charges being filed.

The reason why Grundy County chose not to pursue criminal charges is that they question the mental status of Herrington when the offense was committed.

As far as Cook County goes, the State Attorney’s Office there claims that no one in law enforcement requested charges be filed.

According to Firefighter Nation, Helland was questioned about the other counties declining prosecution over the belief that Herrington’s mental status prevented him from being able to develop criminal intent.

His response was an estimated of 70 to 80 percent of defendants in his county are dealing with either substance abuse or mental disabilities.

In other words, if it happened in his county it would be up to a jury to determine if Herrington should be held criminally liable or not.

Chicago man arrested 3 times in one day, including for pushing an innocent bystander onto train tracks

This is what happens when you empower criminals.

Chicago man arrested 3 times in one day, including for pushing an innocent bystander onto train tracks

Chicago, IL: A young man with apparently too much time on his hands found himself busy recently when he was arrested three separate times in one day.

James Stamps, 28, of Joliet, Illinois, started the day off to a criminal start when he allegedly pushed a man off the tracks on a CTA platform.

The victim reported to the hospital and treated for various injuries and was released later that day.

After the railway shoving, Stamps himself went to the hospital.

According to a Breitbart column:

“After leaving the train station, Stamps traveled to Rush University Medical Center to be treated for an unknown injury. Unhappy with the service at the hospital, the 28-year-old allegedly shattered a hospital glass window after throwing a rock at it.”

That incident should come to no surprise to law enforcement officers. Criminals have a peculiar mindset that everything revolves around them and nothing else matters.

Many of their criminal acts are based on impulse and feelings that their behavior is justified, regardless of the crime and any victims that come from it. The criminal mindset is ‘they made me do it, it’s not my fault.’

Chicago PD website, James Stamps mugshot

According to the police, Stamps said that he broke the glass because his feet were tired, and he wanted a place to sit and eat.

Stamps was arrested for the first time that day but was released late in the afternoon.

He must not have been satisfied with his criminal performance, so he hit the streets yet again. And it wasn’t long before his second arrest.

According to the Breitbart column:

“Stamps was released at 3:20 p.m. but was arrested again less than two hours later at 5:00 p.m. for throwing rocks at a worker and his work truck at 1300 Block of South Clark Street in the South Loop.”

He must’ve been really bored if he was resorted to throwing rocks at someone who was working. No motive and explanation were provided for the incident.

The charges were dropped for the ‘rock throwing’ arrest but Stamps did receive a five-day jail sentence for the hospital arrest. Court records cited that he did not need to serve the sentence because of time already served- from another unrelated crime.

After his late release from the court system that evening, surveillance footage became available for Stamps’ early morning encounter at the train stop where he was accused of shoving an innocent bystander onto the tracks.

As Stamps exited the court, alert Chicago police officers recognized him from the footage and for the third time that day, arrested him.

The third time must have been the charm because according to Breitbart:

“He is currently in jail with bail set at $100,000. He is eligible to be released on Chicago’s electric monitoring program if he posts a bond for $10,000, CWB Chicago reported.”

The Chicago Crime Problem

Chicago has been known for its history of violent crime. This violence has worsened over the last few years thanks to its progressive mayor and liberal soft-on-crime policies, as exhibited in this case.

Crime has spiked 35% for all reported Chicago crime, with little hope for the future.

The Department of Justice recently announced dozens of charges stemming from their 2021 ‘strike force’ initiative to get guns off streets.

According to a Fox News article:

“Biden launched the [strike force] initiative last summer in an effort to help curb violet crime and gun trafficking in Chicago, which recorded a 25-year high in homicides last year, as well as in other major U.S. cities.”

Although city murders and shooting incidents have dipped slightly, overall violent crime has risen.

According to a Fox News column:

“Total violent crime categories in Chicago have generally increased in 2022 compared to 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018, according to the Chicago Police Department’s crime statistics.”

Chicago political leaders are still falling short of stating the obvious- they need police, and they need to respect and support them. Until they do, any federal or local initiatives or lackluster social programs will only put a dent into the problem.

Until then, expect more innocent people to pushed onto train tracks and criminals getting arrested multiple times a day.

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