World Economic Wants A ‘Global Framework’ To ‘Regulate’ Online Harm Following U.S. Capitol ‘Terrorism’ – JP


Late last month, the World Economic Forum (WEF) called for a “global framework to regulate harm online.”

A new report by the WEF examined various “issues” and potential “solutions” when it comes to improving “online safety.” The organization noted that “Digital platforms used by billions of people around the world are being misused to cause harm and endanger people” and that “Urgent areas of concern, including child exploitation, highlight fundamental deficiencies in the current digital media ecosystem.”

“The pandemic highlighted the importance of online safety, as many aspects of our lives, including work, education, and entertainment became fully virtual,” the WEF claimed. “With more than 4.7 billion internet users globally, decisions about what content people should be able to create, see, and share online had (and continues to have) significant implications for people across the world.”

The new report, titled, “Advancing Digital Safety: A Framework to Align Global Action,” defines three “fundamental issues” which need to be “addressed:”

  • How should the safety of digital platforms be assessed?
  • What is the responsibility of the private and public sectors in governing safety online?
  • How can industry‑wide progress be measured?

“While many parts of the world are now moving along a recovery path out of the COVID-19 pandemic, some major barriers remain to emerge from this crisis with safer societies online and offline,” the WEF continued. “By analyzing the following three urgent areas of harm we can start to better understand the interaction between goals of privacy, free expression, innovation, profitability, responsibility, and safety.”- READ MORE

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