Woo! You can move the Chrome address bar to the bottom of the….oh, wait


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The newest version of Chrome for mobile allows you to move the address bar to the bottom of your phone’s display.
Unfortunately, this only works on iOS for now.
There is no word on when this will come to Android.

Given that Google owns Android, most major updates to Google products come to Android before they come to iOS. This isn’t always the case, but it happens more often than not. That’s why when we heard today that you’d be able to move the Chrome address bar from the top of your phone’s display to the bottom, we naturally assumed it would come to Android.Unfortunately, that’s not happening (via The Verge). This feature is rolling out now to iOS but not to Android. We have reached out to Google about when to expect it for Android but did not immediately hear back. We’ll update this article if and when that happens.In the meantime, iOS users can very quickly move the Chrome address bar. All you need to do is long-press on that area, and a new option will appear to move the text box to the bottom of the display. Check out the screenshots below:It is unclear if this will work the same way on Android if and when the feature makes its way there. As of today, long-pressing on the address bar in Chrome for Android allows you to share, copy, or edit a URL but nothing else.Interestingly, Apple introduced a similar feature for its own Safari browser way back in 2021 with the stable launch of iOS 15. Google may be focusing its efforts on iOS for now to help keep iPhone users from jumping to Safari for this one tweak.We’ll keep you posted once we know when this will come to Android.

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