Women desperately seek unvaxed sperm on Facebook as demand skyrockets


Women around the United States are now turning to unconventional strategies to become pregnant as aspiring mothers search for sperm donations from men who have refused to take a Covid-19 inoculation. The women are searching for this sperm on Facebook.

Jonathan David Rinaldi, also known as “The Sperminator,” was a longtime donor for America’s largest sperm donation group, a Facebook group called Sperm Donation USA, according to the Daily Mail. He later elected to leave the group and created his own sperm donation operation after he caught wind of the demand for “unvaccinated sperm donors.”

Almost 250 people are members of the group, which has successfully managed to help people start families, per the report. Members include young professionals, gay couples and single women from both the US and UK, with most offering to donate sperm for free.

Rinaldi told the Daily Mail: “I don’t trust big government, big pharma, I don’t trust them, and I don’t need to inject myself with things that I don’t even know what it is.”

An investigation by the British publication revealed that women have searched online for “unvaccinated sperm donors” and specifically say they want “no Covid vax” on posts looking for a potential donor.

A woman posted in the Sperm Donation USA Facebook group in July 2021 looking for unvaccinated sperm donors. 'AI' refers to artificial insemination, which involves a donor providing his sperm in a cup or shipping it to a recipient

Men who are participating in the action often label themselves with terms such as “unvaccinated man (sperm not modified by mRNA).”

A man who was conceived himself using sperm donation offers to be a sperm donor in the splinter Facebook group. Like others in the group, he believes the Covid vaccine will modify sperm

A post by a woman who had apparently been conceived by an “unvaccinated sperm donor” read: “One more ‘farm-raised’, ‘not Pharma-raised’ baby on its way!”

Rinaldi remarked that he has “had no flu shots, no Covid shots. Nothing since [he] was a baby.”

“My best friend growing up was not vaccinated at all. And he is totally fine and healthy,” he said.

“When I had my first child, I started reading the inserts and the ingredients. And when the school started saying my son had to have them… I really don’t like being told what to do by the government, so it made me think and do the opposite.”

Rinaldi said that he would only be donating to “unvaccinated” women in a “perfect world.”

“But the reality of it is, not everybody believes in that. Not everybody’s educated,” he explained. “I would love it if no one got vaccinated.”

Rinaldi did, however, inform a woman he was thinking about donating sperm to that he would cancel the process if she were to receive a Covid-19 booster shot.

“And I was like, ‘Listen, if you get the booster, I’m not doing this for you. Like, it’s bad enough, you have two of them,'” he reportedly said.  

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