Will iOS 17 and iPadOS Run on my iPhone or iPad?


Each year Apple releases a new major update to the operating systems that power its iPhone and iPad range. Here are all the devices that will be compatible with the new iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 upgrades, arriving later in 2023.

iOS 17 Will Run On iPhone XS, XR, or Newer
To install the iOS 17 update when it arrives, you’ll need an iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or a second-generation iPhone SE. Any models of iPhone produced in the years following these releases are compatible with the new update. Any new iPhones that Apple announces at its annual iPhone event will ship with iOS 17.
You can find out which iPhone you have by visiting Settings > General > About and looking under the “Model” field. You’ll also see your device listed in the account section of your Apple ID on your devices (under Settings > [Your Name]) and using Find My on iCloud.com.
The iOS 17 update drops support for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, both of which will see out the rest of their lifespans on iOS 16. These models were both revealed at the same iPhone event in 2017, marking five years of support. Older devices will continue to receive limited security updates.
iPadOS 17 Will Run on iPad Pro (2nd gen), iPad Air (3rd gen), iPad (6th gen), And iPad mini (5th gen) or Newer
iPadOS 17 will require at least a second-generation iPad Pro, a third-generation iPad Air, a sixth-generation iPad, or a fifth-generation iPad mini. Any newer iPad models will be able to take advantage of the update when it arrives later in the year. New iPad models announced after (or near) the release will ship with iPadOS 17.
Just like the iPhone, you can see which iPad model you have under Settings > General > About on your device by looking at the “Model” field. You’ll also find your model listed within your Apple ID account information under Settings > [Your Name] on a device, or using Find My on iCloud.com.
iPadOS 17 marks the first release that drops support for the original iPad Pro which made its debut in 2016 (having had six years of software support). Also missing out this year is the fifth-generation iPad, introduced in 2017.
New Releases Coming Fall 2023
There are some great enhancements coming to iOS and iPadOS in 2023. Best of all, these updates are free as long as your device is compatible. Expect the iOS 17 update to arrive sometime in September, at around the same time as Apple’s annual iPhone event.
iPadOS may come in a little later, as in 2022 when Apple delayed iPadOS 16 to iron out some bugs. In that case, tablet owners were waiting until late October for the update to arrive.
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