Will Biden’s latest gaffe cost Americans $40 billion?


Biden’s supporters may claim his age isn’t affecting the country, but his gaffes are clearly starting to get worse.

In his latest speech with the Cook Islands leader, Biden not only promised $40 billion to the Pacific Islands but botched the Pacific Islands acronym and then went on a rant that he and the prime minister of the Cook Islands, Mark Brown, are both from Baltimore.

“And that’s why the United States is formally establishing diplomatic relations with the Cook Islands. The real reason is we’re both from Baltimore, that’s a long story,” Biden said in his speech.

Unfortunately, no one is surprised.

“Yeah, it’s a long story in that it’s not true,” Pat Gray says, unfazed. “He’s not from Baltimore, and neither is the prime minister of the Cook Islands.”

“It’s complicated,” Gray says, mocking the president. “Yeah, and the complication is that neither one of you have anything to do with Baltimore and yet you said you were both from there. That does complicate it, doesn’t it?”

Biden also announced to the world that America is giving $40 billion to the Pacific Islands, which is completely untrue. Or at least it better not be true.

“So, today, I’m pleased to announce we’re working with Congress to invest $40 billion in our Pacific Islands Infrastructure Initiative. We call it the PG — PI — anyway, it doesn’t matter what we call it, but that’s what it is,” Biden said.

The actual number is $40 million.

“He can’t get numbers right, no matter what. It’s right there in front of his stupid face; he still can’t get it,” Gray says.

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