Why Is Hannah Brown on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9?


ABC released the trailer for Bachelor in Paradise season 9 and fans truly saw something they’ve never seen before: ​four Bachelorettes hitting the beach. Bachelor Nation’s former leading ladies Hannah Brown, Rachel Recchia, Katie Thurston and Charity Lawson will appear in the upcoming season, but why is Hannah joining the show? The Alabama native has been in a relationship with fiancé Adam Woolard since 2021, leading fans to question what her purpose on the Bachelor spinoff is going to be.

Why ​Is Hannah Brown on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Hannah couldn’t hide her smile while walking down the Paradise steps ​to “crash the party.” The former pageant queen joined the cast with a date card and immediately got greeted by Bachelorette season 20 villain Brayden Bowers.

Like viewers, the single women asked if Hannah was holding a date card, seemingly worried she was going to take their men. Although no questions were answered during the first look, it seems she came just to deliver a date card as she is still in a relationship with Adam.

The “Better Tomorrow” podcast host has yet to react to her season 9 appearance online.

“I have found love and my happily ever after,” Hannah told the group. “So I will not be joining you on the beach but I am here to help.”

When Did Hannah Brown Start Dating Adam Woodlard?

The New York Times ​bestselling author went Instagram official with Adam in February 2021.

Courtesu of Hannah Brown/ Instagram

After there was an “instant spark” between them during their first date, they quickly fell hard for each other.

Hannah and Adam took a big step in their relationship and became fur parents in January 2022 after they adopted their dog, Wally. That May, the pair moved into a breathtaking apartment in Santa Monica, California. The boho-chic home featured wood furnishing and had a spectacular beach view from their balcony dining area.

“The dining area is amazing! It’s so nice to have a real table and chairs — and the chairs are so comfy! And the wooden console in our dining area really fits the space perfectly and is so beautiful,” Hannah said in a May 200 interview. “Creating a community and fellowship is super important to us, so we wanted to have a dining area that could facilitate that.”

The reality star also shared that they “learned how much” they “value” making their home a “reflection” of “who they are.”

The following year, the pair moved from California to Nashville, Tennessee, after they felt “stagnant” with the Los Angeles lifestyle.

“Everything just took a lot more effort and time and for me and my personality, sometimes that keeps me stuck,” Hannah said during an August 2023 episode of the “Better Tomorrow” podcast.

Adam and Hannah are still happily in love, and he even popped the question ahead of her debut in Mexico! The male model got down on one knee on August 24, 2023, and asked the former reality TV lead to marry him.

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