Who Is RHONY’s Ubah Hassan Dating? Relationship Updates


Fans met a brand new batch of couples during the Real Housewives of New York City season 14 reboot, but some of the women – like Ubah Hassan – made their debut with their relationship status as single. The model was seemingly on the market until she revealed to costar Sai De Silva that she was dating a mystery man at the end of the season. Though she has yet to share the identity of her beau, Ubah has hinted that he may appear in the upcoming season of RHONY.

Who Is ‘RHONY’ Star Ubah Hassan Dating?

The Ubah Hot founder is currently in a committed relationship, but she isn’t quite ready to publicly share all the details of her romance.

The reality star rookie’s relationship status came to light after Sai’s husband, David Craig, asked why she was still single. Ubah kept her answer short, admitting that she’s “good” with where she was at in her love life before spilling the tea to Sai by seemingly sharing photos of her and the mystery man.

“Oh, you guys are having so much fun!” Sai said while looking at the pictures on Ubah’s phone before the businesswoman dished on her romance in a confessional.


“Since David is so curious, I’m going to show his wife what is going on in my iPhone … it’s very delicious,” she said, “[The relationship is] something very new … in the last year or so. I don’t want anyone else’s energy. I just want to make decisions for myself.”

Even though Ubah made Sai swear to secrecy, the influencer quickly relayed the information to costar Erin Lichy during the season finale. “She’s fine. She’s very happy,” Sai told Erin during an oncamera shopping date. “She’s in a good place. I mean, she’s dating someone.”

Ubah’s love life was a hot topic throughout the episode after Brynn Whitfield teased that she “heard” her costar has “a man in Connecticut,” which led the Somalia native to leave the event early.

“The whole thing was confidential,” Ubah said in an interview. “So, she must have heard it from Sai. But for Brynn to mention a part of that, I’m just like, ‘Bitch, you don’t deserve a birthday.’”

Will Ubah Hassan’s Mystery Man Make a ‘RHONY’ Cameo?

After the explosive birthday party, Ubah revealed that she and Mr. Connecticut made great strides in their relationship, and he even met her costars.

On September 10, the entrepreneur gave fans a big update during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and admitted she was “very much in love and content.”

She sat in the hot seat at the Club House the following month and Andy spilled the beans that he even met Ubah’s man whom he describes as “very handsome, strong, and yes, formidable.”

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