Who Is NFL 49ers Fred Warner’s Wife? Meet Bachelor’s Sydney Hightower


NFL 49ers linebacker Fred Warner is happily in love with his wife, Sydney Hightower. The former Bachelor star has opened up about their relationship on her social media accounts, and fans are curious to find out more about the brunette beauty. 

Keep reading to learn more about Sydney and her romance with Fred. 

Who Is Sydney Hightower? 

Viewers were introduced to the Alabama native in 2020 during season 24 of The Bachelor. She was eliminated from Peter Weber’s season in week 6.

Football fans have spotted Fred sharing sweet moments with his lady on the field, as Sydney has even posted adorable clips via Instagram of them sharing brief kisses in between games. 

“Flyyyying into next week So proud of you #54,” she captioned a January 2023 Instagram post, featuring a video of Fred running up to give her a quick smooch. 

Courtesy of Sydney Warner/Instagram

What Is Sydney Hightower’s Job? 

In addition to being her husband’s biggest fan, Sydney is also a busy woman! While appearing in season 24 of the hit reality TV series, Sydney was working as a retail marketing manager at the time, per ABC. Not only that, but she also worked as a nanny prior to her stint on The Bachelor. 

When Did Fred Warner and Sydney Hightower Start Dating? 

Following her elimination from the dating competition show, Sydney and Fred began dating. During a January 2022 interview with Journalposts, the California resident described how she first started talking to the athlete after he slide into her DMs. 

“He actually sent me an emoji [because] he didn’t think I was gonna respond, and that’s why he got really casual, but it was sweet,” she recalled. 

Just months after they fell in love, the couple announced their whirlwind engagement in May 2021. Sydney posted an adorable photo of Fred getting down on one knee with a ring box in his hand while she held a red rose. 

“05/15/21 It’s you [and] me,” she captioned the post. 

When Did Fred Warner and Sydney Hightower Get Married? 

The happy couple tied the knot in June 2022. 

Six months before their scenic California wedding ceremony, Sydney explained her wedding planning process to Journalposts, gushing about how “fun” everything was. 

“Planning a wedding during football season, and now we’re in playoffs, he’s not involved. It’s fine, he trusts me, we both have the same taste,” the reality TV personality explained “He is giving me the reins on that, and it hasn’t been as stressful as I would have thought it would be. It’s been more fun. I’m just excited for it to all just come to an end and us just be there on that day.”

Sydney also noted that she and her husband are both “sappy romantics.” 

“So, we’re just thinking about the moment when I’m walking down and all of that, like, tearjerker stuff. That’s my favorite part,” she added in her January 2022 interview. “And it’s just being there with our families. I think that’s the moment and the feeling that I’m looking forward to the most.”

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