Who Does Gerry Turner Pick on 'Golden Bachelor'? Spoilers


ABC’s first Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner, wrapped up his quest for love after the death of his wife, Toni. It was a difficult season of tough decisions regarding who he would send home, but the retired restaurateur has narrowed his pool down to just two contestants. But which lucky lady did Gerry pick as the winner? Spoilers below!

Who Are the Final 2 on ‘The Golden Bachelor’?

Gerry handed out the first of his final two roses after a week of hometown dates during the November 2 episode, and it was quite an emotional experience for the bachelor. He gave the rose to Leslie Fhima, leaving Faith Martin and Theresa Nist wondering which of them would be the next woman to head home. However, the episode ended on a cliffhanger as Gerry set down the final rose and left the room.

Thankfully, the suspense only lasted a week. The Golden Bachelor’s Women Tell-All special on November 9 revealed that Gerry composed himself and returned to the room, where he gave the second rose to Theresa.

“I knew in my head what I wanted to do, but that didn’t make executing that decision any easier,” Gerry told Deadline of his abrupt exit. “What you saw on my face and my behavior wasn’t indecision by any means. It was the inability to find a way to be the least painful to someone in delivering that news.”

When it came to choosing between Leslie, Theresa and Faith, however, Gerry knew it had to be a decision from his heart.

“At that point, my head and my logical thinking had brought me to the point where I had three women that I was completely invested in, then my heart had to take over,” he told TheWrap. “I had to decide of three women that I genuinely felt love for — I’m not going to deny it. But your heart has to take over and you have to follow that. That’s how I made that decision.”

Who Does Gerry Turner Pick on ‘The Golden Bachelor’?

Before the finale aired, fans picked up on a clue that Leslie was possibly the winner. The hint came in a TikTok video that Leslie posted with her granddaughter in September 2023. As the two danced on-camera, fans thought they heard Gerry laughing in the background, which could have hinted that he and Leslie ended up together. However, Reality Steve confirmed everyone’s suspicions on November 21.

The reality TV blogger posted spoilers on Instagram with a caption that read, “(SPOILER) It’s finally here. Your Golden Bachelor Finale spoiler…”

In the following slides, he revealed that Gerry chose Theresa in the finale.

Does Gerry Turner Get Engaged on ‘The Golden Bachelor’?

While fans had to wait until the finale to see for themselves, Reality Steve also added that Gerry did propose to Theresa on the final night.

Fans of The Golden Bachelor were torn in the comments. Some expressed sympathy for Leslie while others ​celebrated Gerry’s choice with Theresa.

“Poor Leslie. It’s not right all of the things that he said to her, I know that she must have been heartbroken,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “Theresa is the best suited for him. I can absolutely see why he chose her. I wish them both well and a lifetime of happiness.”

Gerry and Theresa’s engagement was confirmed during the finale on November 30. After Gerry sent Leslie home following their final date, he got down on one knee and asked Theresa for her hand in marriage. The pair confirmed they’re still engaged when they spoke to host Jesse Palmer after fans watched the proposal.

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